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Transforming India to a Gas Based Economy

Pre Recorded Webinar

Dr. Suresh Chandra Sharma

3:30PM IST to 4:30PM IST

Market Dynamics and Event Introduction

The share of Natural Gas in Energy for India currently is 7% and this requires to be increased to 15% to 20% by 2022 and beyond. Government of India is very keen to enhance the share of Natural Gas and make India a gas based economy. Currently, the oil import dependence is 83% and about 25-30% of petroleum products could be replaced by either imported LNG or domestically produced Natural Gas. The LNG imports are about 20% to 30% cheaper compared with the Oil and Petroleum products and replacements of Petroleum products could lead to savings of US$ 3.5-5 Billion every year to National Economy. The high import share of Oil thus could be reduced and replaced by imported LNG and domestic Natural gas providing huge economic benefits and carbon emission reduction by about 5-7%.

To achieve objective of Gas based Economy, Further development of Gas based infrastructure including Pipeline grids, LNG Import Terminals, CGD Network in tier I,II and III cities would be required. Recently, GOI has provided subsidy funding the Haldia-Jagdishpur Pipeline to promote Natural gas usage in coal dominated Eastern part of India. Number of such projects including CGD network requires government support to facilitate India becoming Gas based economy. As India’s energy consumption will be growing at 5% per year (highest growth recorded by any country), the share of Natural gas needs to grow at a faster rate compared with other fuels. The support of government to provide fiscal benefits would be eminent for achieving a dream of India becoming a Gas based economy.

Through the Webinar, Dr. Suresh Chandra Sharma (Former Officer on Special Duty Energy, Government of India and Group General Manager, ONGC and the Chief Commercial Officer, Petronet LNG) shall take up few of the key aspects on the Policies and infrastructure development for the Natural Gas Sector to Capitalize India in transforming to a Gas based economy. Insights on the Natural Gas demand supply, Infrastructure, LNG imports and fiscal and pricing policies to promote natural gas in India would also be a key subject of discussion.

Key points to be addressed:

  • Why a gas based Economy for India?
  • India- fastest growing Energy Market
  • Economics and Environment benefits of Natural Gas
  • Policies required to make India a gas based economy
  • Natural Gas and LNG Demand Supply in Energy basket
  • Replacing Petroleum products with Natural Gas
  • Sectoral Benefits of using Natural Gas

Who Should Attend?

  • Policy Makers, Academicians and Others
  • Key stakeholders in Oil and Gas Sector from the Government and Private Companies
  • Overseas Embassies in India
  • Natural Gas consumers in India
  • Sector Analysts, Consultants and Energy Sector Practitioners
  • Economists and Statisticians

About Our Speaker

Suresh Chandra Sharma

Dr. S.C. Sharma has 36 years of professional career of working with Government of India, PSUs (ONGC), Petronet LNG Limited and Academic institution (IIT Bombay). Dr. Sharma has worked extensively on formulation of National Energy Plans, Policies, Fuel Economics and market price for Energy and Oil & Gas Sector. He holds doctorate degree from IIT Bombay.

Being one of the founding members of Petronet LNG Ltd and creating Petronet LNG from conceptualization to commissioning to commercialization, has been one of the key achievements of Dr. Sharma. Petronet LNG Ltd. today accounts for 40% of Natural gas supplies in the country.

During last one-decade, he has been working on developing national energy policies including Oil & Gas Exploration and Production, LNG Imports, Gas Processing & Marketing, Renewable Energy, Solar Mission, Nuclear energy & creation of National Clean Energy Funds (NCEF). He has estimated India’s Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) on emission intensity of GDP presented at COP-15 in Copenhagen in Dec 2009. He has been a member of number of energy sector committees of Government of India.

Dr. Sharma has also been a member of number of bilateral and multilateral global energy institutions like G-20 Clean Energy Ministerial, G-20 Energy sustainability group and energy cooperation’s dialogues with USA, Canada, Australia and European Union representing Government of India.