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Search Results For Oil and Gas - All

Bid Closing Date May 26, 2022 (Thursday) To Nov 26, 2022 (Saturday)

Published Date : May 25, 2022 (Wednesday)
Submission Date : May 30, 2022 (Monday)
Organization : Rural Development Department
Country : India
Short Description : Provide Of Electrical Material Lehar Led, Syska Led 22 Vat , Philips Led 18 Vat, Syska Led Tube 14 Vat With Chock, Philips Led Tube 14 Vat With Chock, Electric Tester (taparia Co.), Tripple 40 Ampier, Pannel Board With All Fitting, D.p Switch, Single Phas
Tender Detail : Tenders are invited for Provide of electrical material lehar led, syska led 22 vat , philips led 18 vat, syska led tube 14 vat with chock, philips led tube 14 vat with chock, electric tester (taparia co.), tripple 40 ampier, pannel board with all fitting, d.p switch, single phase pivantar, polycab 1.5 mm wire, polycab 2.0 mm wire, cutout three, service wire aluminium 6 core, service wire aluminium 8 core, service wire aluminium 12 core, service cable 3 phase coper, service cable 4 phase coper, holder for simple bulb, tape bundle, tripple, starter for 15 hp pump (lnt crompton), street lite set led 50 wat with all fitting, pipe for cement poll with clamp, nut bolt, pipe, pipe for iron poll with clamp, nut bolt, pipe, capacitor for fan, main switch icdp, simple bulb 60 vat philips, street lite set led, 50 wat with all fitting (micronic co.), street lite set led, 50 wat with all fitting (syska co.), street lite set led, 50 wat with all fitting (philips), solar led streetlight 50 wat with all fitting (syska co.), solar led streetlight 50 wat with all fitting (philips co.), four phase cable wire, one phase fitting wire, electric ceiling fan (cromton) , electric ceiling fan (havells), led bulb syska 24wt, control panel 32 amp, control panel 63 amp, cfl bulb 75 vat (ajenta), cfl bulb 75 vat (crompton), screw, electric tube 4 ft fixtures with all fitting , electric cut out, inverter luminous 2500 va (with all fitting including exide battery), mccb (lt) 10amp, led booster, led stips (70 vat) (micronic co.), led stips (50 vat) (syska co.), led stips (70 vat) (philips co.), air conditioner, freeze (samsung), freeze (lg) 180 ltr, water puryfier 12 ltrs (with including taxes & services), elctrical shagadi prestige 230vt, elctrical shagadi prestige 2000wt, honda co. generator, runmax co.generator 13 kva (silent soundproof power electric diesel), electric safety hand gloves, aluminium folding shidi 20 feet, aluminium folding ghoda 20 feet, 60 vatt led driver, led with pcb, led fitting charges, smd led panel light 22 vatt, fan hook with nut bolt, led bulb 24 vatt (philips), switch board with 3 switch 2 plug, electric wire , fan (usha co.), fan (orient co.), three phase socket, button (anchor co.), button (havells co.), three pin socket, three pin, two pin, dril machine, electric bell (havells co.), electric bell (anchor co.), led with sensor (22 vatt), led with sensor (24 vatt), air conditioner (a.c) 1 tone , freeze (samsung ) 160ltr, freeze (lg) 160ltr, polycab wire 1mm, kessing electric patti1/2, electric black pipe 1/2, electric flexibale pipe, taparia tester, taparia pakkad, taparia screw driver, choke anchar, choke philps, stater achor, service wire bundle 10 mm, pipe for cement poll with clamperut bold, pipe for lron poll with clam mut bold, four phase filling wire, c.f.l buld 75 valt, m.c.c.b 32 amp anchor, electric tube firture, holder for c.f.l.65/75/85 valt, four phase filling wire, cut out three phase 63 amp p415 v, street light EMD value : 500
Tender NoticeNo : LODHIWALI/KHALAPUR/2022-23/03 ID: 2022_RAIGA_801431_1
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