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Bid Closing Date Nov 29, 2022 (Tuesday) To May 29, 2023 (Monday)

Published Date : Nov 29, 2022 (Tuesday)
Submission Date : Dec 07, 2022 (Wednesday)
Organization : Indian Army
Country : India
Short Description : Supply Of Medical Stores Lignocaine Viscous 2 % Containing Lignocaine 21.3 Mg, Methyl Paraben 0.61 Mg, Propyl Paraben 0.27 Mg/ml In Bott Of 100ml, Suction Catheter Size 12, Lignocaine 100 Mg & Ethanol 28 Mg/ml V/v Spray Container Of 500/800 Ml, Pen Recor
Tender Detail : Tenders are invited for Supply of medical stores lignocaine viscous 2 % containing lignocaine 21.3 mg, methyl paraben 0.61 mg, propyl paraben 0.27 mg/ml in bott of 100ml, suction catheter size 12, lignocaine 100 mg & ethanol 28 mg/ml v/v spray container of 500/800 ml, pen recorder jles richard box of 5, water seal chest drainage, size 32 g, water seal chest drainage, size 28 g, water seal chest drainage, size 30 g, paraformaldehyde tab, blood storage cabinet (spencer) thermograph paper , blood storage cabinet (remi) thermograph paper , abdominal drainage set 26 fg, abdominal drainage set 30 fg, lignocaine hcl 2% with adrenaline(1:80000) 30 ml inj, autoclave steam sterilisation pouch, self-sealing, size 200 x 300 mm made of high quality medical grade cellulose paper & heat stable polyethylene (box of 200), bandage open wove uncompressed: 6 cm x 4 metres, marking pen, silver sulphadiazine 1% ointment 20 gm tube, glycerine suppository adult, dressing wound care non adhesive 5 x 5 inches, diclofenac sodium suppository 100 mg, suction drain, hbsag rapid test kit of 50, 0.5% chlorhexidine acetate tulle grass dressing (box of 10 pouches), suprapubic catheter size 16 fg, silk braided size 3/0, 70-76 cm rb, 3/8 circle needle, 20-30 mm, chlorohexidine 2.5% v/v + 2 propanolol for hand scrub, carbolic acid bott of 500gm, enteral feed powder, protein 85% short chain peptides 15%, free amino acids, fat 50%, mct 25% vet fat carbohydrate malto destri sachet of 126 gm, collagen with mupirocin and metronidazole tube, rapid card screening for hcv test, endopath curved scissors 5mm with unipolar cautery, endopath straight grasper 5mm with unipolar cautery pin with ratchet, endopath straight scissors 5mm with unipolar cautery, vicryl-no-1 (polyglactin-910 rb 45 mm 1/2 circle needle, length 90 cm), v-loc 180 absorbable 2/0 (1/2 circle taper point 26 mm needle 30 cm), synthetic absorbable coated antibacterial sutures size no.2 (polyglactin 910 with triclosan) with 1/2 circle reverse cutting os, ligamax 05 mm endo clip applier, liga clip applicater handle for open surg 200mm, liga clip applicater handle for open surg 300mm, hydrocellular anti-microbial foam dressing with breathable top layer (allevyn ag) 12.5 x 12.5 cm, 60% v/v ethyl alcohol with benzalkonium chloride, glycerine, dimethicone cyclopentasiloxane, c12-15 alkyl lactate, proylene glycol, methylparaben, phenoxythanol, stearyl alcohol, aminomethyl propanol, diazolidinyl aurea with moisturizer 1 ltr bott with, disposable gown, non absorbable fixation device titanium 5mm (30 tacks), opening pack containing :sheet large-3,trolley cover-2surgeon gown-4, mesh polyester with absorbable collagen film and pre-placed sutures 15cm circular., surgeons mask disposable, Tender Category : Goods OpeningDate : Dec 7 2022 12:00AM
Tender NoticeNo : 1612B/MS/DGLP/LTE/22/22-23 ID: 2022_ARMY_565743_1
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