The pre- eminence of oil has run in parallel with the massive economic advances made in the modern times. In order to meet the ever growing energy demands, the energy industry especially Oil and Gas, which is one of the largest energy producers, consistently requires utilization of modern technologies to develop and evolve. Various technologies and services are incorporated in the oil and gas industry to supplement efficient and effective production of hydrocarbon.

Well Test is process of acquiring data in a planned manner which primarily aims at increasing the understanding of characteristics and properties of the wellbore as well as the underground reservoir. The production of the well is measured and data is collected to provide information on the state of the particular well. The main objective is to identify the reservoir's capacity to produce hydrocarbons and to monitor its production. Well testing services required for the following:

  • Fluid sampling (Primary reason)
  • Measuring the initial pressure
  • Verifying permeability and skin effect
  • Identifying fluid behavior
  • Estimating the average reservoir pressure
  • Estimating a minimum reservoir volume
  • Evaluating the well permeability and skin effect etc.

The growing exploration and production activities mark a substantial growth in well testing services requirement, thus forecasting a growth in its market. Well testing services Market had an estimated worth of 6.72 billion dollars in 2016, and is growing at a steady rate of XX% every year. Our extensive and in-depth analysis concludes that the market is booming and suggests that it will eventually reach an approximated net worth of xx billion dollars by 2028.

Technology and services overview:

The primary principle of any well test is to measure and observe changes in pressure by changing the rate of flow. A well test is successful when one is able to measure the time, the rate, the pressure, and control the flow rates effectively. It is mainly used to estimate the following parameters.

  • Flow conductance
  • Skin factor
  • Fractured reservoir parameters
  • Fractured well parameters
  • Drainage area
  • Distance to faults
  • Drainage shape etc.

The various types of tests performed for well testing are:

  • Flow tests: They are used to demonstrate the presence of movable petroleum in the reservoir and to provide an indication of productivity of a reservoir. Eg. RFT, DST etc.
  • Drawdown Tests: In it, well pressure is measured constantly against a constant pressure. It is suitable for new wells.
  • Interference test: It is used to give an idea of interconnectivity of reservoirs and directional permeability of reservoir.
  • Production test: It is similar to drawdown, just carried out for longer durations.
  • Buildup test: In it well is allowed to flow at a constant rate till the production is stabilized and then the well is shut in to make the measurements.

Others include banker’s test, mulitrate test etc. An in-depth analysis, explanation, comparison, functionality and utilization of tools and methods are mentioned in the report.

The primary driver of the market is the oil price which significantly drives the costs of services and equipments thereby driving which kind of tool or services should be used, catering the profits as well. The market is also driven by advancements in production scenario like exploitation of unconventional resources (like shale), increasing requirements of utilization of EOR techniques etc. Implementation of automated measurement units, development of in-house testing units by operators etc. can be a restrictive factor for the growth of the market. However, advancements in technologies associated with well testing services along with massive growth in exploration and production sector strongly suggests tremendous growth of the market in future.

Comprehensive competitive analysis and profiles of major market players such as Schlumberger Ltd., Weatherford International Ltd., Halliburton Company, Rockwater Energy Solutions Inc., Tetra Technologies Inc., FMC Technologies Inc, Helix Energy Solutions Group Inc., Greene’s Energy Group and Mineral Technologies Inc. etc. is also provided in this report.

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By Location

  • Onshore
  • Offshore

By Application:

  • Hardware Technology
  • Software Technology
  • Equipment

By Services and Equipment:

  • Flow tests
  • Drawdown tests
  • Interference test
  • Production test
  • Buildup test
  • Banker’s test
  • Mulitrate test


  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Central & South America
  • Middle East & Africa
  • Market overview and forecasting covering Optimistic, Realistic and Pessimistic scenarios (2018-2028)
  • Analysis and study of various services provided by major players active in the Well Testing Services market
  • Market segmentation based on Location, Application, Services and Equipment & Geography
  • Detailed coverage of technology and services involved
  • Technical comparative studies and case analysis
  • Competitive landscape with in depth analysis of the market players’ strategy
  • Infraline’s Techno Managerial edge covering SWOT, TOWS, Porter’s five forces and PESTLE analysis

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