Oil and Gas industry has been a key factor towards the contemporary modernization and development of industries. The demand of energy across the globe is ever growing, and oil and gas industry has substantially catered a large portion of these demands, therefore, marking its importance. Oil and Gas industry incorporates various equipment and technologies for and effective production of hydrocarbons. As Christmas tree equipment is an essential for production activities and optimization, its market also has a significant scope in the industry.

In oil and gas industry, a Christmas/ X-mas tree, or ”tree”, is equipment placed over the wellhead during the production phase of the well. It consists of an assembly of various valves, spools, joints, fittings and gauges etc. It was named because of its crude resemblance to an actual Christmas tree. The various functions and needs of a Christmas tree are as follows:

  • It is used to control the flow of hydrocarbon out of the well
  • It is used control the injection of water or gas into a non-producing well
  • It provides pressure relief means
  • It provides well intervention means
  • It can be used to monitor properties (like pressure, flow rate etc.)
  • It acts as a safety measure to control sudden pressure rises etc.

Continuous growth in oil and gas industry especially in production activities across the globe marks a substantial growth in Christmas tree market. The market had an estimated worth of xx billion dollars in 2016, and is growing at a steady rate of XX% every year. Our extensive and in-depth analysis concludes that the market is booming and suggests that it will eventually reach an approximated net worth of xx billion dollars by 2026.

Technological overview:

Primarily, Christmas trees are classified into the following types:

  • Subsea trees
  • Surface trees

A tree can have a large variety of configuration of valves, joints and fittings depending upon the need. The valves can be either manual or hydraulically powered in working. Typically, a normal Christmas tree has around 4 to 5 valves and is arranged in the shape of a Christian cross and the valves can be automated as well. The main components of a typical Christmas tree are:

  • Lower master valve: Usually a manually operated gate valve, it is the main valve that controls the out flow of fluids. It is generally not fully open during production
  • Upper master valve: This acts as a fail-safe, generally automated (often hydraulic) gate valve, which is remotely actuated (ROV) and closes in case of an emergency or maintenance
  • Kill wing valve (KWV): It is a manually operated valve used for the injection of fluids such as corrosion inhibitors or methanol to prevent hydrate formation
  • Production wing valve: This right-hand valve is an automatically actuated, fail- closed valve (requiring positive hydraulic pressure to stay open), serving to shut the flow from the well under emergencies or to stop injection when water or gas are being injected. The "choke" is used to control the flow (volume) or to reduce the pressure
  • Swab valve with cap and gauge: This is a manually operated valve used for well interventions, such as when wires or coils are lowered through the lubricator into the well. Some trees have a second swab valve to act as a second barrier against leakingetc.

Thorough and comprehensive analysis of Christmas tree, along with technology, equipment, advancements etc, is provided in the report.

The market is strongly driven by tremendous increase in production activities across the globe, pressure control needs of production wells, safety measurements implementation etc. As Christmas tree is an absolute essential part of any well exploration and production activity, it has only some minor restraining factors. Lower oil prices will reduce the E&P activities and thus affect the Christmas tree market. Furthermore, unfinished wells or abandoned wells also do not require implementation of Christmas tree system. However, growing complexities of newer reservoirs and an increasing risk of pressure variations along with deep water drilling and other implementations make the use of Christmas tree an absolute necessity.

Comprehensive competitive analysis and profiles of major market players such Weatherford International Ltd., GE Oil & Gas, DrilQuip, FMC, Cameron, Aker Solution etc. is also provided in this report.

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By Location

  • Onshore(Surface Tree)
  • Offshore (Subsea Tree)

By Type of Well

  • Injection well
  • Production well
  • Monitoring well
  • Others

By Technology and Equipment

  • Lower master valve
  • Upper master valve
  • Kill wing valve (KWV)
  • Production wing valve
  • Swab valve with cap and gauge
  • Others

By Geography

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Central & South America
  • Middle East & Africa
  • Market overview and forecasting covering Optimistic, Realistic and Pessimistic scenarios (2018-2028)
  • Analysis and study of various services provided by major players active in the Christmas tree market
  • Market segmentation based on Location, Type of Well, Technology and Equipment, Geography
  • Detailed coverage of technology and services involved
  • Technical comparative studies and case analysis
  • Competitive landscape with in depth analysis of the market players’ strategy
  • Infraline’s Techno Managerial edge covering SWOT, TOWS, Porter’s five forces and PESTLE analysis

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