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Infraline's Research Reports are output of rigorous data and information analysis that leads to insights and findings crucial to take critical business decision in the energy industry.  These reports focus on specific energy sector verticals, include strategic analysis of Business Drivers and Challenges, Technology Developments, Value chain and Competitive Landscape, Policy developments and Regulatory issues.  Qualitative view points are backed by quantitative analysis around data gathered from intense primary research and detailed scenario-based forecasts with a five to ten year horizon.

Infraline follows practice of formulating a Research Report Calendar detailing Research subjects along with methodologies likely to be taken up in a given calendar year. On an average Infraline Energy publishes over 40 research reports a year. Each research topic is subjected to different filters like relevance, impact, shelf life of the analysis and value add to the industry. Infraline ensures active participants of clients in finalising the annual research calendar by using Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) model.

Client Segmentation of our Research Services
  • Energy producers and Developers
  • Utility Companies
  • Institutional Investors, Fund Houses,  Management and Legal Consultants
  • Regulators and Policy makers
How Research Reports helps our clients
  • Analyze investment opportunities
  • Evaluate operating strategies
  • Deeper understanding of market and consumer behavior
  • Understand emerging technologies
  • Explain a specific option's potential
Research Reports empowers
  • The clients to stay ahead of knowledge curve giving critical competitive advantage in today's market place
  • Anticipate new opportunities as they unfold in regional markets
  • Receive objective analysis and recommendations to support investment and strategic decisions
  • Understand and set realistic expectations about the future
  • Educate relevant stakeholders (such as shareholders, media, national legislators, and other policymakers)  
  • Give insight into market and consumer behavior
  • Anticipate the impact of global developments  and stay apprised of the newest technologies  
  • Connect with the policymaking/regulatory process  

Apart from critical information, these reports carry exhaustive analysis from our dedicated research team using various research tools and on-field primary research. These are generally industry-first reports and differentiated by its useful shelf life, which varies from six months to two years.