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Research on Demand (ROD)

Infraline's Research on Demand service offers analyst support at short notice for clients who are in need of data, information and analysis in short time duration, sometime spanning even less than an hour. The services are delivered on a yearly retainership basis to ad-hoc query sometime spanning even less than an hour. This service helps clients get accurate, relevant and up to date information in quickest possible timeframe and also serves the purpose of providing backend support for clients projects.

Infraline’‘s Research on Demand Offerings helps clients take mature business and financial decisions quickly and economically. RoD offer clients the possibility to meet their information needs that are not fully covered by the subscription service. It’‘s a highly cost effective tool that can be utilized to meet all the unplanned needs of a client that typical come up throughout the year. It helps our clients to temporarily augment in-house teams with analyst support for a defined period or to complete project-based work. RoD offers analyst support at short notice for clients who are stretched for time and want to temporarily augment in-house teams. Our analysts work on research tasks that clients assign, and clients are billed only for the duration of the particular task. These research requests can comprise of data mining, data analysis, secondary research, short view point and delivery support.

Unique Propositions

  • Quick turnaround time
  • Backend support to clients’‘ projects
  • Customized Delivery Format- Word, Excel, pdf or ppt
  • In depth secondary research
  • Accurate and reliable Information
  • Ready access to professional researchers

Sample Projects

While the specific area covered for the client differs on a case-to-case basis, some of the typical topics covered through ROD includes:

  • Investigations into finances of companies
  • Upcoming Project details
  • Market share
  • Tariff Order Details/ updates
  • Company Profiles
  • Policy updates
  • Background Research on Companies and Sectors