Solar Irrigation Pumps in India: Case for Pan India Application

The report deals with all aspects of introduction of solar pumps in market, the potential of replacing pumps, the technologies that can be followed and also the impact of introduction of solar pumps on second green revolution. The report covers the details of Indian agriculture sector including the quantities of water required, the land available and power consumption among others. It gives in detail the pump sets usage in different states along with the fuel consumed and expected trends in years to come. The practices followed for input of electricity and diesel, the consumption pattern, its expenditure incurred by the nation in form of subsidies and environmental damage caused has been depicted with the help of financial model for replacement of conventional pumps by solar pumps.

Key Highlights
  • Potential of Solar Irrigation in India
  • Cost of Substitution of Conventional Pump sets with Solar Pump sets
  • State wise Diesel Consumption by Pump sets and Subsidy (2012-13)
  • State wise Electric and Diesel Pumps as per Minor Irrigation Census
  • Implications of Union Budget 2014-15
  • Challenges and Potential Solutions
  • Payback Period of Solar Pumps for Varying Capacities
  • Integrated Approach for Second Green Revolution
  • Behavior of communities towards Solar Pumps
  • India‚Äôs Preparedness for Solar Pumps
Title : Solar Irrigation Pumps in India: Case for Pan India Application
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Sector : New & Renewable Energy Sector
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Type : Business Report Series
Contact : Priyanshu Kumar