Energy Infrastructure in India: A Reference Book

India is set to remain one of the top five energy consuming country as it continues with its economic growth programs, and its population of 1.24 billion strive to improve its standard of living. Coming years would witness huge investment in the energy sectors along the entire value chains and this will be led by public and private spending. Information and data on Indian energy sector is widely available from large number of agencies however India does not have any one agency , like EIA USA, to issue comprehensive and authentic data on the sector .

Infraline has come out with first of its kind “Energy Infrastructure in India: A Reference Book”, covering Coal, Oil & Gas, Power and Renewable Sectors. The compendium mainly includes maps, diagrams, and associated key statistics with minimal text. The compendium has been designed to act as a reference document for vast array of stakeholders to have high value first hand information on the setting of Indian energy sector. We are confident this publication will serve all involved with the Indian energy sector, directly or indirectly.

Key Highlights


  • Information on coal and lignite resources of India
  • Key Statistics on Coal production and consumption
  • Insight of existing and upcoming coal washeries in India
  • Mine-wise coal production in India
  • Country-wise coal import in India
  • Movement of coal- multi modal transportation


  • Key Statistics of Exploration and Production and CBM Blocks in India ( Maps)
  • Information on LNG/FSRU terminals
  • Information on Crude Oil refineries and Strategic storage in India
  • Information on Crude oil, Product and Natural Gas Pipelines in India
  • CGD Infrastructure in India
  • Unconventional Gas Resources (CBM , Shale Gas, Hydrates)


  • Region Wise Power Maps of India
  • Information on Central Sector Thermal, Hydro and Nuclear Power Projects
  • State wise information on Thermal and Hydro Power Projects – State & Private
  • State wise information on Power Transmission lines and substations
  • State wise information of Power Distribution


  • Pan India Renewable Energy Profiles viz. Solar, Wind, SHP and Bio Energy
  • State-wise Potential Estimate Map of Renewable Energy Sources
  • State-wise Achievement Map of Renewable Energy based Installations
  • Growth Trend of Solar, Wind, SHP and Bio Energy in India
  • Upcoming Renewable Energy Based Projects
  • Potential and Developments in Newer RE Technologies: Offshore Wind and Geothermal Energy
Title : Energy Infrastructure in India: A Reference Book
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Sector : Indian Oil & Gas Sector
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Type : Business Report Series
Contact : Priyanshu Kumar