Annual Conference on Gujarat - A Gas Based Economy
How Indian States can learn from it?
Gujarat, 3/29/2018 12:00:00 AM

The state of Gujarat has always promoted natural gas as a preferred fuel. It currently holds 25% share of natural gas consumption in energy against the share of 6.5% on pan India basis. This calls for a nationwide consultations on how the state of Gujarat could turn itself into a Gas Based Economy & what other states can learn from the experience of Gujarat.

The state of Gujarat has two major gas hubs: at Hazira and Dahej, which account for handling about 80% of total gas & LNG supply in the country. While Hazira receives both natural gas from Mumbai offshore gas fields and LNG at Hazira terminal; Dahej receives only LNG at its largest LNG terminal. The LNG supplies at Dahej & Hazira are likely to increase further in near future. The new LNG terminal at Mundra and FSRU at Jafrabad will add about 35 to 40 MMSCMD of new LNG import capacity.

The share of natural gas needs to increase in energy supplies for making India a gas based economy. The other Indian states also need policies and infrastructure development to enhance the use of natural gas. Furthermore, Hon’ble Prime Minister has also called for reducing 10% import dependence on oil. Such objectives create a better opportunity for increasing the share of gas in energy basket.

The conference would discuss about gas and LNG supply policies, pricing, its affordability and how other states can learn from the experience of Gujarat.

Key Highlights:

• Why state of Gujarat as a Gas Based Economy

• Replacing Petroleum Products by Gas

• Infrastructure Development

• Economic and Climate benefits to the nation with increase in share of Gas

• LNG Terminals & New LNG Capacity Building

• Existing and new Infrastructure of Pipeline Connectivity

• Increasing use of Imported LNG

• Key Policy areas for LNG & Gas

• Demand and Supply of Natural Gas & LNG for various Sectors

• Developing small scale LNG Infrastructure

• Gujarat – Largest user of Gas for CGD, Refineries & Industries

• Lessons from Gujarat’s Gas based economy for other States