India`s readiness for tapping Unconventional Hydrocarbon Resources
Hotel Shangri-La, 3/13/2014 12:00:00 AM

India is confronted with growing energy demand and growing energy imports. While energy demand with economic growth go hand in hand, it is imperative for India to reduce its intensity of energy imports as this is becoming unsustainable and exposes the domestic energy market to many unforeseen risks and uncertainties. India therefore needs to go all out for its conventional, unconventional and renewable energy resources to build a formidable domestic energy supply sector and thus enhance security of energy supplies.

Govt of India, State Govt, oil and gas industry, service sector companies and other stakeholders have to come together to develop a road map and assume respective responsibilities to make Unconventional Oil and Gas happen in India. The economic and social benefits will far outweigh the aggregate efforts required by all stakeholders. The Conference has been designed with above issues and objectives in consideration.