Ashwini K Sinha
Principal Consultant, Corrosion and Water Management Consultants
Ashwini K Sinha

Retired as Additional General Manager (NETRA) (R&D Wing of NTPC), NTPC in July 2012. At NETRA, I was heading Corrosion Analysis, Monitoring & Control; Water Treatment; Environmental Sciences and Program Office Groups. My experience for almost 30 years is with NTPC (R&D) and prior to that, 5 years with BHEL (R&D), Hyderabad. Presently working as free-lance Consultant in the areas of Corrosion and Water Management.Qualifications:

M.Sc (Electrochemistry)

P.G. Dip. In Corrosion Science & Technology, Univ. of Ferrara, (Italy)

Institutional Affiliations:

Member NACE International, Life Fellow Member SAEST and IAAPC

Core Member CII Aventha Corrosion Management Committee


Over 35 years’ experience in Corrosion Analysis, Monitoring and Control; Water & Waste Water Treatment & Management; Environmental Sciences and Strategic Planning of large R&D establishment & monitoring related to Power Sector.


“Improving Plant Performance, Availability & Reliability by Chemical Interventions”

Failure Investigations related to Corrosion

Online and off-line Corrosion Monitoring

Corrosion Audit of plant components

Design & implementation of Cathodic Protection Systems for Underground Pipelines; Condenser Water Boxes; RCC Structures such as Cooling Towers; etc

Selection of Anticorrosive Coatings for different components

Development & Implementation of Cooling Water Treatments and solving water related problems

Waste Water Reuse, Recycling & Treatment

Chemical Cleaning of Condensers, Boilers, Pipelines, PVC Film Type Fill Packs of Cooling Towers,etc

Material Selection for Corrosion resistance

Water Audit, Management& Conservation

Research Studies on Extraction of Moisture from Flue Gases, Ash Mineralization by Flue Gas, Studies related to Water & Corrosion, Improvements in Plant Efficiency, Availability & Reliability through Chemical Interventions, etc.

Strategic Planning & Establishment of Large R&D Centres

Good Communication and Coordination capabilities

Planning &Monitoring of R&D Projects related to Power

Preparation of Base Documents for 11th& 12th Plan for Power Sector, Sectoral

Innovation Council for Power, R&D in Power Sector, R&D in CPSEs, etc

Preparation & Monitoring of R&D Budgets

Undertaking Customized Training in these areas