Mahesh Gupta
Chairman, Kent RO Ltd
Mahesh Gupta

Mr. Gupta is an engineering graduate from IIT Kanpur in Mechanical Engineering. He is also an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Petroleum Dehradun. In 1978 he began his career in ‘Sales’ with Indian Oil. As a Manager Technical Services, he helped industrial customer in proper utilization of petroleum products.

In 1988, he started his company and went commercial. Against stiff competition from the leading national & international brands he established his brand KENT OIL METERS. To this day, he has more than half a dozen patent technologies to his credit. Mr. Mahesh Gupta is passionate about his technological achievements.

When faulty drinking water brought down his children with jaundice, Mr. Gupta researched and analyzed all available water purifiers in the market. Unhappy with the available quality, he made his own water purifier and was confident enough to market it under the KENT brand. Today Kent RO Systems Ltd is the most dynamic and visible ‘Water Purification company’ in India.

Mr. Gupta, a first generation entrepreneur has over 32 years of experience covering various industries like Information Technology, Technical services and in Water Purifier systems.

With ambitious growth plan, innovative marketing strategies and state-of-the-art technology, Mr. Gupta is today a man on fast track.

He has been an active part of the Art Of Living family since 10 years, and a Trustee of the VVKI.