Dr. A R Shukla
Former Advisor, Ministry of New & Renewable Energy
Dr. A R Shukla

Dr. Shukla have superannuated as Adviser (Bio-energy), in the pay scale of Joint Secretary, from the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India, New Delhi in September, 2011 after working for about 29 years. In total he has got about 40 years of experience in policy; planning; developing national level Renewable Energy R&D and technology demonstration projects and dissemination programmes and their implementation and monitoring in the country including at grass root level; besides research; technology development & innovation and standards development.

During the period of 29 years in the Ministry of New and renewable Energy, he had worked for 16 different programmes and activities including programmes like biogas, improved biomass cook-stoves, solar thermal, alternate fuels for surface transportation, geo-thermal, tidal energy, integrated rural energy, technology information forecasting & databank, besides renewable energy R&D, policy, planning and co-ordination and setting up SSS-NIRE, an autonomous institution of the Ministry and starting a new journal ‘Antika’ on improved biomass cook-stoves. He had conceived, launched, implemented and monitored new technology innovation projects and national programmes starting from the year1984-85 to 2011-12 in the Ministry.

He had been networking and interacting with various Central government Ministries/ Departments, State government Departments/ Agencies, NGOs, institutions, industries in the country and international organizations while working in the Ministry. He had widely travelled length and breadth of India for review of research projects and implementation and monitoring of various renewable energy progammes.

He had visited a number of countries including Italy, USA, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, Trinidad & Tobago at different occasions in connection with various assignments of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. He had organized international training programme & conference and prepared report for FAO.

He had obtained Ph.D. degree from Banaras Hindu University in Physics and worked at IIT Delhi, IIT Kanpur, IIT Madras, IISc Bangalore and CSMCRI Bhavnagar as a senior scientific officer, scientist, post-doctoral fellow and researcher, besides working in the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy in various positions. He has published/ prepared about 100 research publications, reports, documents and articles. He has been instrumental in starting Biogas Forum-India (Big-FIN) for promoting the cause of biomass waste treatment, biogas (energy) generation and bio-fertilizer production and He is its President since inception.

He has special interest and experience in biogas generation, purification & bottling and organic/ bio-fertilizer production, improved biomass cook-stoves to reduce cutting of forests, biomass waste treatment and biomass and water resource conservation and providing life-line energy to the last man in the society including rural, remote and forest areas through renewable energy. This is very much needed to conserve nature, sustain agriculture through renewable energy and natural fertilizer supply and water conservation so as to make agriculture less expensive to farmers and help populace living in forest areas to process and preserve their produce for better price and earning, thereby dissuading people to flee to the urban centres to do odd jobs and forced to live a pathetic life in jhuggi- jhopri clusters/ urban slums. Without providing renewable energy and conserving biomass and water resources it does not appear possible to conserve nature while maintaining a reasonable GDP for over all development in a country and globally.