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Consulting : Power

Infraline Energy’s Power practice focuses on trends, evolving dynamics, new technology, business models, development that influence the overall PESTEL landscape around power generation, power transmission and power distribution sector in India. Consultancy coverage includes demand drivers, business issues, and regulatory/policy issues associated with the overall development of power sector in India.

Success Stories

Growth and profit making strategy formulation coupled with management of economies of scale for market leading company in Indian Steam Market Segment

Scope: Infraline Energy was engaged by one of the market leaders to develop a business strategy by analysing the best commercial practices in Indian steam market segment...

Sample Of Consulting Assignments in Power Sector

Assessment of market entry strategy for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFC) in the Stationery Power back-up Solutions Market in India (In Progress)

Scope : InfralineEnergy was engaged by the world’s third largest automobile manufacturer to identify the market size and application areas in stationary power segment where PEMFC can be used or can compete with existing back up power technologies like DG/UPS/Inverters; identify other fuel cell players in India in small stationary application, with their products, cost both capex and opex with strategy; identify possible business collaborates in India for commercialization of fuel cells in stationary market segment- perhaps with companies who have strong base and are interested to get into this market; identify possible technology collaborates in India, to develop fuel cells system for stationary application Companies with technical know-how interested to get into this market; enlist the Central and State government support to fuel cells technology for commercialization in stationary application. In terms of subsidy, tax benefit, some benefits for emission reduction by use of fuel cell in place of diesel gensets; identify the most suited fuel for stationary fuel cell application, in terms of availability and cost and the scope of hybrid renewable and fuel cell system in terms of market and economics for stationary application.

The study is under progress with the data being gathered from Primary and Secondary sources. The primary information is being sourced from face-to-face interviews, telephonic conversations and discussions with more than 700 participants already, from more than 20 cities, ranging from household, commercial, industrial, government, telecom industry and Original Equipment Manufacturer domain.

Tenure :  The study shall be completed over cted over a period of 3 months

Scope : Infraline Energy was engaged by FOIR to assess need for investment in infrastructure (based on secondary data) and suggest areas of improvement to improve existing regulatory practices. This study also includes exploring uniformity of regulatory framework, examining transparency and parity and creating a user-friendly government interface. The objective of this exercise is to design a draft regulatory impact assessment format, on the basis of which FOIR could evolve a road map for implementation. Infraline Energy conducted primary surveys and engaged sector experts to evaluate and analyze the prospective areas which need regulatory attention.

Tenure :  The study was conducted over a period of 3 months

Current and future situation of energy competition by sectors in India

Scope : Infraline Energy was engaged by Osaka Gas to find and assess the current and possible future situation of energy competition by sectors and its usage in India. It also required making a comparative analysis between natural gas and other energy sources with an extensive primary study conducted across sectors.

Time Taken :  The study was conducted over a period of 5 months