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Tribal villages continue to live on single phase electricity

N Sakthi, a Class V student of Panapalli tribal primary school, tries completing her homework as soon as she reaches home. If she has an exam or test coming up the next day, she wakes up at 7am and again studies for an hour. Mallika is a resident of Panapalli village, which receives only single-phase electricity. As a result, the bulb in her house lights up erratically or dimly, causing her eyes to burn while reading for too long.Sakthi is not the only affected student. There are at least 30 children like her in Panapalli, a small tribal village near Anaikatti. None of these children can study after 6pm. “It gets dark soon in our area and with the bulbs burning so dimly, children cannot study after dark,” says Sakthi’s mother, Jothi Nanjan,.....

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