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India’s power demand fell by 32000 MW within minutes on April 5

  • India witnessed a plunge in the demand of power last night when people illuminate diyas and candles, and shut the lights off after Prime Minister Narendra Modi advised them to do so.

  • This has been confirmed by the power ministry.

  • R.K Singh, Minister of State Power and New & Renewable Energy, posted on Twitter: “Demand in the grid came down by 32000 MW within a few minutes but the frequency and voltage were maintained within the normal range. The drop in national demand by 32000 megawatts shows a huge response of the nation to the call of the Prime Minister.”

  • He further stated that his family also participated in the drive on Sunday. He tweeted: “While I was away with my officers monitoring the grid at the National Power Monitoring Centre during #9pm9minutes my family members were all together lighting diyas of hope and positivity for all of us.”

  • According to Power System Operation Corporation (POSOCO) also, the total reduction in all-India demand recorded during the event was 31089 MW.

  • The sharp reduction in load and subsequent recovery was handled through hydro and gas resources. The Load Dispatch Centres had anticipated reduction in demand of 12,000-14,000 MW.

  • All India demand started reducing from 20:45 as a result of people switching off lights and a demand of 85,799 MW was recorded at 21:10 hours. Subsequently, from 21:10 onwards, the demand started picking up and settled around 114,400 MW at 22:10 hours, POSOCO said.

  • PM Modi, on Friday, addressed the nation and urged citizens to light lamps and candles at 9 pm for nine minutes in order to stand in solidarity against the novel coronavirus that is spreading across the nation.

  • However, people also burned crackers, played devotional songs, and take out a rally bearing a torch to extend support to the Prime Minister.

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