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Gas pooling calculation: Cost of generation under different scenarios

Provided here are details on gas pooling calculation carried out by the Power Ministry outlining the cost of generation under different scenarios during 2016 and 2017. Following considerations have been taken into account while carrying the calculations:

  • Domestics gas price $5.05/MMBtu
  • Non core domestic gas supply 19.23 MMSCMD/ 11.98 MMSCMD (excluding CGD)
  • RLNG Price $ 14/MMBtu/ $12/MMBtu
  • Custom Duty waiver on RLNG
  • Marketing Margin $0.05/MMBtu (75% reduction in Average Transportation $0.195/MMBtu)
  • Reduction in Pipeline Tariff by 50% (Assuming Pipeline Tariff of 1.10$/MMBtu on Dom. Gas & for RLNG)
  • VAT/CST waiver on all gas
  • Calculation is done on stranded gas based capacity of 16,107 MW.
  • Average cost of generation for APM plants considering domestic gas price $5.05/MMBtu and fixed cost Rs 1.50/kwh comes around Rs 5.17/Kwh.

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