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Raghunathpur Ph-ll TPS (2x660 MW): An update

Following are the details and update on Raghunathpur Ph-ll TPS (2x660 MW) project:

Approved Project Cost: Rs. 9088.99 Cr. including IDC Rs. 1387.03 crore and Working Capital Margin Money Rs. 240.78 crore (March-2012)

Cumulative expenditure incurred (upto April, 2014): Rs 467.31 crore

  • Adv. Paid to BGRE (SG Pkg. vendor) :Rs. 235 Crore

  • Adv. Paid to BHEL (STG Pkg. vendor) :Rs. 201.37 Crore

  • Adv. Paid to McNally Bharat Engineering Co. Ltd. (Main Plant Civil Pkg.) : Rs 26.59 Crore

  • Other expenditures incurred for preliminary investigation Rs. 4.346 Crore

Levelised Tariff: Rs. 3.95/unit for 1st 5 yrs. and Rs. 3.83/unit for 25 years

Fund Management: With REC with option for ECB/Bonds etc. Up to 40% of tied up loans.

FSA: Long term linkage for 4.693 MMT

PPA: No PPA till date.

Schedule Completion: 52 & 58 months from zero date i.e. Jan-2017 & July-2017.


Orders already placed:

  • STG Package: Order placed on 04.09.12 on BHEL (Rs. 1535.64 Cr.[ 1 EURO = INR 62.8 and 1USD = INR 44.86])

  • SG Package: Order placed on 07.09.12 on BGRE (Rs. 1854.26 Cr. [1 EURO= INR 66.77, 1 USD= INR 49.37])

  • Main Plant Civil work incl. Chimney & Chimney elevator: Order placed on 19.08.13 to McNally Bharat Engg. Co. Ltd. (Rs. 531,90,97,427.50)

  • Construction Power: Order placed on 10.09.2013 (Rs. 5.44 Cr.)

  • Civil Consultancy: Order placed on 31.03.2014 (Rs. 2.32 Cr.)

Pending orders:

  1. Bids:- under final stage

    • Electrical BOP- DAN approved, Board approval awaited.

    • Ash Handling Plant: Price Bid opened; L1- Rs 108 Cr Indure; Final TC report submitted.

  2. Bids:- Techno-commercial under evaluation. Price bid not opened

    • CW system: Techno commercial Evaluation of tender under progress.

    • NDCT: Techno commercial evaluation in progress.

    • Switchyard: Techno commercial evaluation under progress.

  3. Bids:- NIT to be floated

    • ESP: Techno commercial evaluation of Tender in progress; Price Bid to be opened.

    • Station C&l: Tender cancelled. Fresh NIT is being floated.

    • Plant Water System

    • Fire Fighting and Fuel Oil Storage Tank

    • A/C and Ventilation

    • Railway Infrastructure

    • Colony

    Order value analysis:

    • Latest project cost i.e. Rs. 8812.56 Crore as per budget 2014-15 (estimated)

    • 45% value orders has already been placed.

    • Balance 25% value orders yet to be placed. Under progress.

    • 30% value for Overhead, IDC, Contingency, Margin money etc.

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