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Multiclient Studies

InfralineEnergy undertakes a series of Multiclient Studies each year on emerging strategic issues to assist organisations on a limited budget to better understand issues that will impact their existing and planned businesses. Studies are done for a focused group having a broad common objective and scope of work. The subject for such studies is chosen based on market relevant issues.

These studies are highly focused, collaborative research process that is undertaken between InfralineEnergy and its clients and give in-depth analysis, business key information and recommendations at a fraction of the cost of conducting the study on their own. These studies generally involve a combination of primary research, forecasting, and analysis, and are designed to deliver actionable insight.

Our research experts guide the process, hosting a series of interactive workshops with senior-level professionals. Clients help guide the research process and receive access to final reports —giving them a road map for future strategic decision-making, corporate planning, and investment analysis. Clients who are interested in already completed multiclient studies may subscribe to those studies as well to receive the final reports and supporting datasets.

The Approach

To begin with a contemporary issue is chosen and various key companies are invited to participate in the Study. The Study is divided into two stages. In the first stage, a Base Mandate is designed which is common for all the clients. This stage culminates into a Workshop wherein the issues are deliberated on a common platform with inputs from all the Study participants. The second Stage involves customisation of the Base Mandate according to each client’s specific needs. Strict confidentiality agreements are executed to protect the business interests. The Study concludes with the delivery of the Final Customised Report along with the Presentation.

We typically execute three to five Multiclient studies each year with a participation of up to eight clients. This ensures that maximum value is delivered around the agreed scope.

How Multiclient Studies can help your business

  • Best of both worlds – Complete Customization with the benefit of Economies of Scale as the costs are shared among the participants
  • Analysis and recommendations for making investment and strategic decisions
  • Evaluate operational models
  • In depth research through telephonic and face to face interviews, focused group discussions conducted across the value chain including central and state government agencies, project developers, equipment suppliers, end customers, et al
  • Secondary research is carried out through sources like government websites, company websites, Infraline’s internal database, paid database services and subscriptions
  • Anticipate new investment opportunities
  • Enable clients to obtain essential business information at a highly cost-effective price.
  • Reliable, realistic and accurate

Samples of Recently Concluded Multiclient Studies:

  • Merchant Power Plants
  • Viability of clean energy technologies in Indian off-grid markets

Methodology of Multiclient Research

We use the following 7-step process in the development of a Multiclient study: