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Infraline Sector Reviews (ISRs)

Short, informative periodicals that disseminate the significant weekly news and analysis. It provides afoot, relevant and crisp news on all the six sectors that we cater to ie: Power, Oil and Gas, Coal and Renewable Energy. Infraline Sector Review is available in a yearly subscription package and is delivered weekly via e-mail.

  • Power ISR

    Latest Development In:

    • Central / Public Sector
    • State Sector
    • Private Sector
    • Nuclear Sector
    • Captive Sector
    • UMPPs and
    • Joint Sector Projects
  • Coal ISR

    Latest Development In:

    • Overseas acquisition and activities
    • Project updates and
    • Mine Allotment and Block Activities
    • Nuclear Sector
  • Oil & Gas ISR

    Latest Development In:

    • Exploration and Production
    • Natural Gas
    • Petroleum Refining and Marketing and
    • Pipelines
  • Renewable ISR

    Latest Development In:

    • Wind power
    • Solar energy
    • Tidal power
    • Wave power
    • Biofuel
    • Biomass
    • Geothermal and Hydro power

Customized ISR

Our clients look for customized daily/weekly analysis on key developments as solutions to improve knowledge-based processes in the interested energy sector, incuding:

  • Competition Tracker including stock watch for the companies
  • Trend analysis for sector
  • Policy Amendments and regulatory reforms to gain broader perspetive to the business
  • Products/Verticals / Sub-Vertical updates
  • Projections and analysis
  • Pricing intelligence and tracking
  • Market intelligence and much more

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