Shale Gas Possibilities in India

In order to meet its robust energy demand and also countering its rising pollution menace, Indian government has decided to increase the share of natural gas in the primary energy mix. But to meet the objective the domestic gas productions need to be increased or imports will be on the rise. An increasing dependency on import will create a fiscal instability in the economy. Earlier the US revolution in shale gas prompted the nation’s government to venture into similar prospects like coal bed methane and shale gas. This should now be pushed further moving towards a gas based economy.

Shale is a fine grained sedimentary rock which is rich in natural gas and petroleum. But because of its low permeability, the oil and gas trapped in it is not easy to extract. This leads to an increase in the cost of production. According to estimates, India has huge reserves of shale gas accounting for xx trillion cubic feet which can supply for 26 years’ natural gas demand. ONGC was the first company to venture in this respect in the nation and to explore a shale formation located in Cambay Basin estimated to have a gas potential of xxTCF. India is the third largest energy consumer in the world after USA and China.

However, a major factor that can pull back developments in this respect could be the availability of prospects at a depth of 2000m onshore in areas of human habitation. Other factors could be the problem of land acquisition, threat of escaping methane gas in the nearby populated areas and effects to groundwater reserves. In spite of continuous efforts by the US agencies in association with ONGC and OIL in developing the fields for shale gas, production is not yet commercialized.

This report shall provide you with the following insights:

  • An overview of the Indian conventional energy sector
  • Introduction to the geological and geophysical aspects involved in Shale Gas exploration
  • Economics involved in this sector
  • Effect of HELP(Hydrocarbon Exploration and License Policy) on the newly allocated fields
  • Major companies involved and developments made so far
  • Future outlook for the same.

Key Benefits to the stakeholders:

This report shall not only provide you with the past developments made so far in the extraction of shale gas, but will also provide you with future possibilities and opportunities. This would help industry consultants and companies venture into the newer market opportunities.

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