Future of LNG: An Undisputable Vision

The mounting demand for natural gas has paved the way for LNG market in India. LNG predominantly consists of methane which is cooled to -162 degree Celsius to ease transportation of this fuel. In its liquid state LNG occupies less space which makes it more feasible to transport through ships. This liquid hydrocarbon has helped to diversify the gas procurement sources in India to a large extend. The imports of LNG have risen from 21.31BCM in 2015-16 to 24.69BCM in 2016-17. LNG is traded both on long term contracts and in the spot market. India has been importing LNG both on long term and short term basis. Currently India imports LNG at 4 LNG terminals with a total capacity of 26.692MMTPA which is then re-gasified at the terminals and marketed to downstream consumers through pipelines. LNG has helped in fulfilling the demands of stranded consumers in the market. As the India government is planning to make India a gas based economy, the demand for natural gas is expected to rise and would provide a larger market share for LNG in future.

The key growth drivers of LNG market are rising energy demand, cleaner fuel in comparison with the conventional ones, expand the fuel sources, widening gap between demand and supply for natural gas, lower logistics cost etc. Latest advancements in the LNG market are upcoming new LNG terminals at Jaigarh and Ennore, construction of floating storage re-gasification units at Jafrabad and Kakinada port and setting up of small scale LNG projects. The government needs to mechanize an integrated policy for LNG to take full advantage of the upcoming expansion in the LNG market. More pipeline and re-gasification infrastructure should be build to enhance the growth in the market.

This report explains the following key aspects:

  • An overview of the LNG market in India
  • Detailed profile of key players in the market
  • Demand & Supply dynamics of LNG
  • Developments in the LNG market
  • Major end user of LNG in India
  • Fiscal characteristics and Pricing of LNG in India
  • Interpreting the possible effect of LNG on various industrial segments
  • Future of LNG market

Key Benefits to Stakeholders

  • Provide an overview of the current and future trends in the LNG market
  • Ability to analyze investment opportunities in the market
  • Have an insight about the ongoing projects
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