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The Complete Energy and Infrastructure Sector Blog

Indian Roads Project – On the Thrust

Published: 03/08/2018

Indian Roads Project – On the Thrust Government putting special focus to stimulate roads project in the country as it indicates robust awarding of project for February- March 2018, with active tenders of 7,768km (INR1.4t) planned to be finalized by March 2018. Another 1,000km is scheduled to be added, taking project tenders available for finalization to 8,768km. We can expect NHAI is able to finalize and award 30-50% of these live tenders, awarding activity for the year could take a quantum leap – 30-60% growth in FY18. If NHAI’s a

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Decentralized Renewable Energy in India

Published: 02/23/2018

Decentralized Renewable Energy in India Distributed renewable energy (DRE) refers to energy produced from small-scale local or on-site power plants that produce energy from renewable sources such as solar, wind, Small hydro power (SHP), or biomass. DRE is a decentralized alternative to the government electrical grid, although some types of DRE plants can be set up to buy or sell power to the government grid.

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Point of Connection Transmission Prices in India

Published: 02/08/2018

Infraline Energy Noida In line with the mandate under National Electricity Policy (NEP), Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) has issued Sharing of Inter-State Transmission Charges and Losses Regulations, 2010 to introduce Point of Connection (POC) based transmission pricing methodology in India. The methodology under the above regulations introduced one of the major reforms of its kind in the Indian Power Sector and seeks to share the total transmission charges in proportion to respective utilization of t

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Natural Gas: A Comparative Analysis of China and India

Published: 01/30/2018

Infraline Energy Noida In recent years China and India has been viewed as potentially large markets for future natural gas consumption. The article highlights the historical drivers of natural gas demand in both the countries and analyzes the potential direction & impact of these drivers. The possible new drivers to achieve the realizable natural gas demand in the future. Several public and private forecasts of natural gas demand in China and India were considered. The key features of both the markets were compared an

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Year End Review - Roads Sector 2017

Published: 01/24/2018

Year End Review Roads Sector 2017 Infrastructure sector is the key to stimulate growth of the country and top main concern was to deal with environmental clearances, land acquisition problem and other bottlenecks linked with project implementation, which led to a reduction in the number of pending projects and cost overruns in central sector infrastructure projects during 2016- 17.

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