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The Complete Energy and Infrastructure Sector Blog

Green Transport Fuel: Compressed Bio Gas

Published: 01/08/2019

Green Transport Fuel India’s recent pollution figures are of huge concern about the declining air quality in the country which also pushes the need for adopting more cleaner and eco-friendly green fuels. Highly toxic gases and particulate matter exhausts from automobiles is making a serious health hazard and effecting the public heath adversely in the country.

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Roads and Highways - Year End Review

Published: 01/07/2019

Roads and Highways 2018-19 was declared as the “Year of Construction” by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and many policy, amendments and completion of big projects were realised in the past one year. Although, in the rainy season, country witnessed slowdown in per day road construction but are moving around 30 km per day length construction speed. The total length of NH’s has been enhanced from about 91,287 kms as on 31.03.2014 to about 1,31,326 kms at present.

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Solar Parks: A Potential Scheme in Indian Scenario

Published: 12/18/2018

Renewable Energy Indian Economy is growing rapidly with increase in population and energy needs. It is the need of hour to opt for clean, cheap and reliable sources of energy to save our country from carbon emissions. The government of India has come up with Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission to promote ecologically sustainable growth while addressing India’s energy security.

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National Oil & Gas Summit-2018- The Road Ahead

Published: 12/13/2018

oil and gas Oil & gas sector of India is among the major core industry and plays a decisive role in influencing decisions of the government for all other sections of the society. India’s robust economic growth is imperative to its growing energy demand and is the need of the hour having utmost importance. Oil and gas combined share of 35.6% in the energy mix shows the huge importance and dependability of India on hydrocarbons and thereby it is projected to witness a huge growth in consumption of hydrocarbon

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Is Electric Vehicle a better option than the Conventional Vehicles?

Published: 12/10/2018

oil and gas The evolution of electric vehicle was started back in 1832, when a British inventor Robert Anderson developed the first functional electric vehicle. Though the car was far behind practical vehicle but it can be considered as an initiator in electric vehicle market. In 1891, Ferdinand Porsche introduced his car model P1.

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