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The Complete Energy and Infrastructure Sector Blog

Air Pollution: Hidden Barrier in Solar Energy Growth

Published: 03/18/2019

Solar Energy India's accomplishment in turning into a main nation in environmentally friendly power energy transformation inside only several years, demonstrates commendable strategy and support structure built up by the Government of India. Administration has set a target of 100 GW of Solar capacity by 2022.

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Current Scenario in Upstream Oil and Gas Sector in India

Published: 03/11/2019

Current Scenario in Upstream Oil and Gas Sector in India Currently, India as a country is the sixth largest, one of the fastest growing economies, and witnessing high growth in the energy sector in the world since the last four years. As of now, India is the third largest consumer of crude oil, after the USA and China. The role of the oil and gas industry is very important for the overall development of the energy infrastructure of the country

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Coaltrans Conference, India- Highlights

Published: 03/17/2019

Coaltrans Conference, India- Highlights How about the global coal community gathering under a roof and sharing its views on a sustainable coal market? The 18th Coaltrans, India was one such event where industry leaders from different countries of the world expressed their notions on favourable and unfavourble factors impacting the much-anticipated mineral’s business.

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Road Safety - Long Way to Go

Published: 03/07/2019

Road Safety - Long Way to Go The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways directs and implements many schemes to improve road safety scenario in the country. The ministry has established National Road Safety Council to take policy decisions in road safety, as road safety is a broad and extensive multi sector issue which requires a defined approach at various levels.

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Insights on Clean Coal Technologies

Published: 02/25/2019

Coal Coal has always remained a prime target at every roundtable discussions of energy industry. Some perceptions have been developed in the system on coal as a dirty resource due to its contributions to carbon emissions and that it would find hard to secure place in world’s energy mix for longer term.

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