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Hari Om Tiwari, Managing Director, True Power Earthing Pvt Ltd

15 May 2018

The earthing equipment market is projected to see a sustained growth in future

Hari Om Tiwari, Managing Director, True Power Earthing Pvt Ltd, talks about the importance of earthing in India, key growth drivers and the company’s presence in this industry.

Please share your current presence in India.

We are the leading organization in the field Installation and providing back up services for our Earthing Electrode. We specialize in installation and testing highly conductive, corrosion free earthing system as well as lightning protection system. Our services extend to private businesses (large and small) as well as government agencies ranging from domestic, state to national levels. Our electrodes are manufactured according to British Standard and are copper plated which increase the life of Electrode.

We are already supplying our product to telecommunication companies such as Bharti & Vodafone, and other companies like Maruti Ltd, JCB Ltd, Jindal Steel & power Ltd, Jaypee Cement plants (HP) and Videocon international ltd, among others.

What are the key growth drivers and which sectors are expected to drive demand for earthing equipment?

The earthing equipment market is projected to see a sustained growth in future. Factors such as the augmented need to meet the rising electricity demand and the reconstruction of the existing power grids will impel the adoption of earthing equipment. Additionally, the ability of earthing equipment to discharge over-voltages from the overhead ground wires to the ground is a critical factor that will foster its adoption.

The rising demand from the residential sector is a key growth driver for this industry. Earthing is required in residential buildings to protect residents, machinery, and appliances from electrical surges. The ability of earthing equipment to provide a safe path for the dissipation of short circuit currents and to provide a secure platform for the operation of sensitive electronic equipment will result in its increased implementation in residential buildings.

What, according to you, are the key considerations while choosing the right earthing system?

Earthing is an important and necessary element of any energy system. Earthing systems were developed decades ago to protect people and property and fix the potential reference for the electrical source. In terms of electromagnetic compatibility, the different earthing systems can cause disturbances or overvoltages. This is why it is important to choose the right earthing system when designing an electrical installation.

Properly designed and constructed earthing guarantees safety for both people and devices located in places where a flow of dangerous short circuit or surge current caused by a lightning discharge can occur. Therefore, the earthing resistance should be made as low as possible, and its value should meet the guidelines contained in the specified standards and regulations.

Please share your future growth plans.

We understand that the conventional system of earthings was unreliable, inefficient, cumbersome and prone to problems which resulted in human loss as well as equipment failure. As one of the prominent manufacturers of Chemical Pipe Earthing (based on G.I, Copper bonded & pure copper), Earth Pit Covers, Lightning Arrester, Back Fill Compound and all types of grounding systems; our main concern is to provide the best product to our customers at the most affordable price. With a knack of providing our products to large scale and average households, we want to be the name for everything related to earthing solutions.