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Consulting : Environment and Sustainability

Renewable Energy : We are specialists in Renewable knowledge system. Infraline maintains helps understand clients’ objectives and then conduct feasibility and resource assessments on the technology options to establish the best technologies and their application. We understand all of the main renewable technologies, including:

  • Solar energy technologies
  • Wind energy
  • Hydro
  • Bagasse and Non Bagasse
  • Waste to Energy
  • Other emerging technologies- Bio-fuels, hydrogen, fuel cells, geothermal, tidal

Success Stories

Evaluating the Success of Wind Power Plants in Tamil Nadu

Scope: Infraline Energy was engaged to assess the reason for aggressive gestation of wind plants in Tamil Nadu and make recommendations in terms of policy and regulations which could be followed by other States to endorse indigenous growth of wind capacity...

Climate Change : To have sustainable development for the economy; there is a need to look into the matters related to climate change, not only at the economy wide level, but also at the micro level. We are experts in all areas of carbon management and climate change planning and mitigation. Focus area is to create a business model to develop environmentally friendly and sustainable products and processes. With its deep technical expertise, Infraline provides unique and ready solutions to the businesses to develop clear picture and mitigate themselves against climate change. We are well placed to demystify climate change, identify the material issues for your business and devise appropriate action plans to respond.  

Energy Efficiency : Setting the foundation on cleaner and greener energy, burning down less energy and reducing emissions, are core components to tackle climate change. We have the expertise to maximise energy efficiency, reduce emissions, explore renewable energy options and deliver regulatory compliance. We provide technical solutions and operational strategies for energy and emissions management across a range of sectors including manufacturer, property developer, bank or retailer.

Sustainability Strategy & Management : With growing population and economies, planning for sustainability at the earliest opportunity is a catalyst for a better future and will bring cost savings and new commercial opportunities as well. And we have the expertise and the experience to help our clients to implement sustainability strategies, from government regulation to project completion. We work in the spaces between the client, design teams and regulators, demystifying and adding value to all parties and facilitating better, clearer and commercially aware outcomes.

Value Chain Covered


Sample Of Consulting Assignments in Environment and Sustainability Sector

Evaluation of status and performance of biomass based power projects in India

Scope : InfralineEnergy was engaged by a Private Equity Investor to evaluate the existing status and performance of biomass plants (non-bagasse) in India. The study involved primary and secondary data collection pertaining to technical, operational and financial details of plants across all States in India. InfralineEnergy contacted more than 20 States under primary data collection phase and interacted with State Nodal Agencies, Plant Developers, Plant Owners, Original Equipment Manufacturers and other stakeholders in the Biomass Sector to collect and verify the information collated. With this a comprehensive database was developed covering the details on plants, policy related information and the challenges faced by stakeholders for the evaluation of current status and performance of this sector.

Tenure :  The study was conducted over a period of 3 months

Assessing the Opportunity for Biomass (Bagasse & Non-bagasse) in India (In-progress)

Scope : The study involved the assessment of yearly agricultural output (Rabi/Kharif) in India along with the estimation of optimistic and most-likely opportunity for power generation from Biomass in India. The study is intended to be sourced on primary data being collected from field visits to various villages which shall also help to understand the real, pragmatic challenges in this sector.

Tenure :  The study was conducted over a period of 4 months