.. Hpcl To Setup A New Refinery On West Coast, Mumbai Refinery Expansion Constrained

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08 Feb 2010


In a meeting with Secretary (P&NG) on January 13, 2010, HPCL and MoP&NG concurred to setup a new refinery on the western coast (preferably at Ratnagiri) in view of expansion constraints at Mumbai. HPCL, CMD submitted that the combined refining capacity of HPCL Mumbai and Visakhapatnam refineries is around 16 MMTPA, whereas its sales volumes are around 25 MMTPA. The growth plans of HPCL, as envisaged in the Corporate Plan, indicate achieving a Market share of 25% in 2013-14 and 28% in 2018-19. To achieve this market share, the projected sales volumes of HPCL would be around 37 MMT in 2013-14 and 50 MMT in 2018-19. This product demand cannot be met with the HPCL's existing refining capacity even after......

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