.. Fate Of Controversial Jageshwar And Khas Jageshwar Coal Mines Still Hanging In Air

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21 Aug 2010


The state government of Jharkhand had on February 16, 2009 requested Ministry of Coal (MoC) for a joint venture between Jageshwar and Khas Collieries and Jharkhand State Mineral Development Corporation Ltd. (JSMDC) to enable mining operation from Jageshwar & Khas Jageshwar Coal Mines. The request also highlighted that this proposal would provide ample employment opportunities to local people and shall also help in meeting the requirements of local industrialists. Jageshwar and Khas Jageshwar coal mines are closed coal mines located in P.S. Mundu District Hazaribagh (now Ramgarh).  In the year 1973, Government of India (GoI) nationalized coal mines and took over all coal deposits and restricted coal mining......

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