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Published:Thursday, April 09, 2020 3:36 PM

Indian Power Sector in times of Coronavirus Pandemic

Indian Power Sector in times of Coronavirus Pandemic

The world has been facing an excruciating challenge which has driven various industries to a standstill. Though Power Sector is no different in terms of loss of growth resulted due to this rampant, but the prominence of this sector has gained a new horizon in development of the country and acted as an important infrastructural link to bring essential infrastructure for cardinal development and rescue of a society and their communities.
During this pandemic what world has realized is the importance of an effective and robust medical service along with a swift supply chain network for essential commodities during lockdown or under normal circumstances as well. However, a silent role is being played by electricity, which considered to be the most indispensable during these times when power sector has been facing its own challenges.
Even though, the sector itself has been suffering from several daunting blows but in these times, it is even more challenging for policy makers or other key stakeholders to ensure a resilient bouncing back for power sector.
In a scenario when more than a third of world’s population is facing lockdowns or other restrictions. And in times when public health officials require all sort of infrastructure, electricity has played a significant role in keeping all communication channels and public health systems energized. To credit a least electricity department, generators, system operators have played a major role in achieving this.
However, a significant drop in demand of electricity in country has revealed the challenges that a rife like coronavirus may pose to power sector along with others that would be visible after the pandemic passes through. The slump in electricity demand has been seen worldwide in countries like Brazil, China, Spain, USA and UK. The reduction in demand has been witnessed majorly due to closure of industries, commercial loads and other establishments etc.
The power sector aspired to be a major building block in economic growth with major infrastructure in power generation, transmission and distribution value chain. Though, the enormous challenges due to payment irregularities by discoms, non-performing assets in generation etc. have always been a concern but the future of power sector has dramatically shifted pressing problems like future of E-Vehicle and solar industry as well.
Though future looks uncertain, but one thing is almost certain that post-pandemic market shall raise from scratch while certain loopholes of the industry have been exposed certainly which may further result in long term affects. As power industry or solar manufactures are mostly dependent on imported solar panels or wafers, both Indian developers and manufacturers are struggling due to poor supply chain. Now, when Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has clarified that this event has been bought under the window of “Force Majeure” and time extension of appropriate sort shall be granted to RE developers based on documentary evidences produced by these developers.


Also, this rampant is a grim reminder that how disastrous can be the issues with utmost uncertainty and affect the scenarios with least preparedness. The nature of such uncertainties can be both, controllable and uncontrollable. However, largely coronavirus outbreak shall be considered as uncontrollable at least for now. The uncontrollable nature and unavoidable circumstances have led our businesses (both nationally and worldwide) to a significant low point. This has also brought us to circumstances where we should be more focused towards challenges like climate change and achieving sustainable development goals. 

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