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Published:Tuesday, April 16, 2019 5:36 PM

Energy Storage: A Sector India Must Focus on

Energy Storage: A Sector India Must Focus on

Exhausting conventional energy reserves and environmental change hide to petroleum product utilization have made it a need to focus towards Green energy predominantly, Solar. Albeit, dependable and green, Solar energy source isn't accessible all through 24 hours of the day. Therefore, the merit behind investing in energy storage is as relevant as investing in solar energy adoption.
Understanding the condition, the world is quickly moving towards energy Storage Systems. For instance, creating Solar energy markets like-Chile, South Africa, Brazil, and India rely upon to appear over 40% development in energy Storage market in one decade from now. Reliably falling battery cost is going to help this development by decreasing Storage framework cost by 14% every year. As costs keep on falling, establishments have tripled in last three years, generally determined by lithium ion batteries - mostly aimed at providing short-term storage - which now account for over 80% of all battery capacity installed. As a growing Solar power market, India must move and think forward in putting resources into Solar Power Storage Industry.
Current Scenario
Projects with BESS: - States in India that are driving Solar power revolution, for example, Karnataka, Gujarat, Telangana, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, AP and so on are moving towards utilizing energy Storage for better unwavering quality of the Solar energy appropriation. Additionally, states that have been utilizing diesel generators are now seen utilizing Solar energy.
Government of India's National Energy Storage Mission has made progress in adjusting distinctive Solar oriented energy frameworks and energy in one stage, for example, electric vehicles. With Li-ion innovation cost falling, Solar energy Storage demand in expected to move upwards in coming years. India has recently tendered a major Solar PV + energy storage project. Several more are in the pipeline in FY 2019-20.
The list of Some tenders invited by NTPC and SECI:
Tender Floated by
Solar Capacity (MW)
UT, Lakshadweep
Himachal Pradesh
South Andaman
South Andaman
160 (Wind-Solar Hybrid)
Andhra Pradesh
Government of India is additionally concentrating on electrification of rural households with Solar power Storage arrangements and intends to introduce 10,000 micro/mini grids with energy storage in coming years.
Diminishing Price of Lithium-particle Batteries: - Bloomberg NEF declared the aftereffects of its ninth Battery Price Survey. The yearly value review has turned into an imperative benchmark in the business and the fall in costs has been completely wonderful: the volume weighted normal battery pack fell 85% from 2010-18, achieving a normal of $176/kWh.
Drivers of Energy Storage Market in India
Energy Storage can keep the overabundance energy (unused reaped energy during the day) for later use (after sunset). This energy can be re-guided into the network during the evening to fulfil the energy demand. And, India's concentration towards Country wide Solarisation is the essential driver that is making energy Storage industry improvement a need.
Moreover, energy storage facility can stabilize the grid, which is need of the hour in India where, power grid is not very robust and introducing renewable energy without energy storage will only increase the issues and deprive people from getting energy when needed. Furthermore, absence of an energy grid in rural areas and advantage of utilizing sun powered in these regions make energy Storage popular. These are a portion of the real drivers for receiving sun powered energy Storage innovations in India.
Difficulties in the Path `
High forthright expense of benefiting sun powered energy Storage is the essential issue that India is confronting. Even though, lead Acid based batteries are reasonable in contrast with Li-ion batteries, lead Acid based batteries have short life expectancy in Indian atmosphere (5 years approx.). Cost of Li-ion batteries is reliably falling and evaluated to fall for an additional 2 years, and ideally declining cost will expand demand and acquire makers in India. Be that as it may, as of now, there are at present no real Li-ion cell producers in India. India needs solid strategies and investment for better energy storage usage to ultimately facilitate faster Solar adoption rate.
Way Forward


With strong lead-based battery producing framework officially existing in India, it is the ideal time for the India to concentrate on Li-ion technology development by making better investments. Offering low cost financing and creating administrative structures can work in India's support towards environmentally friendly power energy progress, advocating Solar energy and also storage technologies incorporation for future for smooth functioning of the sector.

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