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Switchgear Market in India - 2011


Switchgear is used at all the points of access and control of electricity. Every switching point in the electrical infrastructure mandates use of switchgear. The switchgear industry in India is a developed industry, producing and supplying a wide variety of switchgear needed in the industrial and power sectors. Switchgear is classified mainly based on the insulation medium and breaking medium used. In India, the entire range of circuit breakers from bulk oil, minimum oil, air blast to vacuum is manufactured to standard specifications. However, international collaboration is used to manufacture sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) based switchgear. This industry is highly organized with 15 players out of the total 25, controlling more than 90% of the market share. The industry is capable to meet the domestic demand and manufactures the entire voltage range from 240 KV to 800 KV. Vacuum based switchgears are predominantly used across the utilities and industry, which is an upgrade from air and oil technology. In the higher voltage range, utilities are now adopting SF6 based technology for increased safety.

On the basis of operating voltage levels, Switchgears can be categorized into three groups:

Low voltage switchgear (upto 1.1 KV): The low voltage switchgear product range is classified into domestic, power distribution system and industrial control system. In the case of low voltage switchgears, MCBs are fast replacing rewireable switch fuses. Low voltage switchgear is showing a high growth rate; partly due to high demand for MCBs in the housing sector and MCCBs in rural electrification

Medium voltage switchgear (upto 33 KV): The medium voltage switchgear includes products below 33 kV such as various types of circuit breakers viz. ACB, OCB, MOCB, VCB etc.

High voltage switchgear (above 33 KV): The high voltage switchgear group includes products above 36 KV such as SF6 breaker, GIS, lighting arresters and composite insulators etc. SF6 technology is now giving way to the self-blast mechanism and this technology is not available in India.


Key Highlights

    • Innovations in the Switchgear Industry
    • Purchase Process in Utilities and Industry sector
    • Channel practice by the OEMs in Switchgear Industry
    • Key Drivers and Challenges associated with the Industry
    • Pricing Power of the Industry
    • Detailed company profiles of some of the smaller companies
    • Companies up for merger and acquisitions
    • Company strategy of some of the market leaders in the segment
    • Likely consolidation in the sector
    • Demand for switchgears from utilities and industry segments
    • Market Size of all type of EHV, HV and MV Switchgears in India – value and volume
    • Market share of the top companies and emerging companies
    • Trends in market size of top 5 companies in the industry
    • Variance in the Product Price of different companies
    • Current manufacturing capacity of top companies like BHEL, Siemens, Schneider, Crompton Greaves, ABB
    • Future market estimates based on investments in industry and utilities
    • Number of substations planned, under construction and announced
    • After sales & service strategy of local and MNC companies in the sector
    • Investments in overhead to underground distribution systems
    • Attractiveness of packaged substation opportunity and how transformer companies are stepping into switchgear domain


Switchgear Market in India - 2011



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