National Pipeline Integrity Management Forum
, 25 May 2016
Pipeline integrity management is an important aspect of the planning, designing and operation of pipelines. The main goal of pipeline integrity management is to ensure safe, long-term operation of the pipeline, in particular, protection against leakage. Additional benefits of a pipeline integrity management program include improved efficiency and economics of operation. Thus, considering the importance of pipeline integrity management, Infraline Energy is proud to launch its premier National PIM Forum which would be a leading platform for the oil and gas community to get together and discuss and deliberate on various issues that the industry is facing today. The 1 day technical event will focus on designing, construction and O&M of our valuable pipeline assets with special attention given to latest state-of-the-art pipeline monitoring and leak detection technologies with national and National case studies and success stories.
Speakers & Presentations

Deputy Gm,

Mr. Chanchal Das Gupta
Application Manager,

Mr Yatinder Suri
Country Head,

Mr. Paresh K Patel
Sr. Manager,

Mr. Asim Prasad
Deputy Gm,

Mr. K.K Tandon

Mr.Sanjeev Malhotra
Head BD,

Mr. Nikhil Deshpande

Mr. Atiq Khan
Deputy Gm,

Mr. Krishna Rao TVB
Technology Architect,

Title : National Pipeline Integrity Management Forum
Date : 25 May 2016
Sector : Indian Oil & Gas Sector
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Contact : Aamir shafiq