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Our History

Over the years, the energy and infrastructure sectors have witnessed a series of ups and downs thereby creating waves of change for all stakeholders. These sectors are fraught with complexities and it takes experienced hands to put things in right perspective. Till date, the industry has had a fragmented view of its different elements; however, it’s now time to take an integrated view of the landscape.

Infraline Energy was established in 1998 with a vision to provide research and consulting for Power, Coal, Oil and Gas, Renewable, Roads, Ports, Metals & Mining sectors. It is only because of the diligent work that has gone into building content and providing key insights, Infraline Energy began with five customers; has now grown into an enterprise that addresses the requirements of over 600+ organizations, including private sector developers, investors, financial institutions, consultants, law firms, and academic institutions.

As one would recall, it was this period when India was in the midst of the economic liberalization initiated in 1991. During this transition period, Rakesh Mohan headed Committee predicted that India would need hundreds of billions of dollars to develop the infrastructure that meets the aspiration of a new country. It also emphasised that the country needs to radically transform its archaic and colonial systems to match the expectations of the domestic and overseas investors and to instil confidence in entrepreneurs to put their efforts in Infrastructure sectors.

Infraline is the 'first in the industry' to offer innovative solutions and services to its clients for the energy and infrastructure sectors. Our success rests on our reservoir of deep domain knowledge and industry experienced resources. Infraline being an ISO 9001:2008 accredited firm has over the years ensured that it adheres to strict global standards, compliances and customer-centric processes.

We are sure that this would not have been possible were we not passionate about client relationship. We have earned relationships over all these years. We further take pride in our innovation ability. We have seldom taken the conventional path and vision of the sector. We continuously look out for newer ways of doing the things and of better ways to reach the customers. This enables to create our work which is widely acknowledged as being the ‘First in the Industry’.