.. Punjab And Haryana's Liquefied Petroleum Gas Distributors Up In Arms Against Oil Companies, Particularly Hindustan Petroleum

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21 Jan 2010


Punjab and Haryana's Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) distributors are up in arms against oil companies, particularly Hindustan Petroleum (HP), who are unable to fulfil the domestic demand for LPG, leading to a big backlog. All India LPG Distributors Federation (AILDF), north-west region, held their core group meeting here Wednesday to deliberate on the issue.The distributors said there was a huge backlog of refills, especially with HP gas, due to which they faced the wrath of both consumers and local administration, whereas oil companies were not bothered. “There is backlog ranging from 20 to 30 days with HP gas distributors in various towns of the region. This is the third year in a row when during the winters, HP gas has supplied domestic L......

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