.. Master Plan For Mand Raigarh Coalfield In Chhattisgarh State (july 2010)

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16 May 2012
   CoalCoal FieldsMaster Plan for Mand Raigarh Coalfield in Chhattisgarh State (July 2010)


Coal production : It is proposed that by the end of XIII Five Year Plan (2021-22) this coalfield may . produce about 81 Mty of coal including about 76 Mty from mines/projects of SECL. By the end of XIV Five Year plan (2026-27) projected coal production from this coalfield is about 91 Mty, including 86 Mty, from mines/projects of SECL(CIL). In addition to above production potential private parties will also contribute coal production from Gare area. The present production from this coalfield is 4.44 Mty (from SECL mines only).......

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