.. Eastman Auto And Power Limited Launches State Of The Art Solar Off-grid Mppt Pcu
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05 Jan 2018


  • Eastman Auto and Power Limited (EAPL), a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of all kinds of energy storage provider, announced the launch of ‘State of the art Solar Off-Grid MPPT PCU’- one of the most advanced solar off-grid MPPT PCU in the Indian market. Eastman’s Solar Off-Grid MPPT PCU consists of a solar charge controller, inverter, and a grid charger all in an integrated form.

  • The Off-Grid Solar PCU is designed to enhance the use of solar power and uses Main/DG Power only when the solar power is insufficient to meet the load requirements. This unique system offers three operating modes- Smart Mode (PCU gives first priority to solar, second priori......

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