.. Can Bio-cng Click: A Primer On This Coming Of Age Tech That Can Deal With Air Pollution At 3 Levels
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30 Nov 2022


  • Bio-CNG, also known as Compressed Biogas (CBG), is an upgraded version of the humble biogas, the dung-based version of which serves as cooking fuel in many villages in India.

  • The first stage of the CBG process is pre-treatment. The waste is passed through a trommel screen to remove hard materials like coconut shells and pieces of wood.

  • The screened waste is shredded in a hammer mill and made into a slurry with water. This slurry is kept in the pre-digester tank in aerobic conditions for one-two days to attract microbes — the process is called hydrolysis.

  • It is then transferred to an anaerobic digester where......

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