Status of 16 coal blocks and associated end use project (May, 2010)

Coal controller organisation has appraised coal ministry on the status of 16 coal blocks and associated end use project (EUP) (May,2010).


SI No. Coal Blocks. allotted Name of Company Dt. of allocation Normative schedule date of Production Commitment made to start production in the last review meeting
1 Utkal-C Utkal Coal Ltd. 29.5.1998 28.11.2001 December,2009
2 Utkal B2 Monnet Ispat & Energy Ltd. 16.8.1999 15.2.2003 December,2009
3 Badam Tenughat Vidyut Nigam Ltd 3.11.2003 2.5.2007 December.2009
4 Tokisud North GVK Power Ltd. 7.1.2002 6.7.2005 January,2011
5 Utkal B1 Jindal Steel & Power Ltd. 29.9.2003 28.3.2007 April, 2010
6 Marki Mangli-I B. S. Ispat Ltd 25.4.2001 24.10.2004 Mining within, 3 months from ML
7&8 Paturia & Gidmuri CSEB 23.9.2004 22.3.2008 Sept, 2010
9 Moitra Jayaswal Neco Ltd. 13.5.2005 12.11.2008 Assured to produce 0.2 MT by 2009-10
10 Brinda Abhijit Infrastructure Ltd 26.5.2005 25.11.2008 Within 3 months from ML but not later than Nov. 2010
11 Sasai
12 Meral
13-15 Marki Mangli ll-IV Shree Virangana Steel Ltd. 6.9.2005 5.3.2009 % April, 2010
16 Gondulpara TVNL/DVC 13.1.2006 12.7.2009 No assurance

Utkal-C:- Utkal-C coal block in Orissa was allocated to Utkal Coal Ltd. on 29.05.1996 for power generation. The block was explored. A total of 183.2MT of proved Geological reserve comprising of all coal seams down upto IIA have been estimated in Utkal-C block by CMPDIL and YRC is 3.37 MTPA. GR has been purchased. MP, EMP clearance has been obtained. ML, FC and LA are pending

Mining lease:- will be completed only after grant of forest clearance.

Forest Clearance:- Forest diversion proposal has been cleared by DFO. Proposal has been examined and forwarded by Conservator of Forest after site visit to PCCF (Nodal) on Oct.19,2010. Certificate from collector, under ST & OTD Forest Right Act, 2006 obtained on Feb.1,2010 PCCF forwarded the proposal to Govt of Orissa on Mar.24,2010. Approval from Govt. of Orissa, forwarded to MOEF, Govt. of India for phase-I clearance.

Land:-Total land is 575.071 ha and forest land is 165.151 ha. Lease deed for entire Pvt. land has been signed between UCL & OIIDCO and compensation distributed to the land owners by Collector under LA Act. Rs. 115.64 have been spent on that account.

R & R issue:- 26.45 acres of land for R & R site identified in village Jamunali & is proposed for development by the collector. Development has already bean started. A payment of Rs. 1.52 crores is made for this work. Govt. land for Rly. Siding is being alienated. Possession of villagers is expected to be completed by another 6 months. Section 4(1) declared for Pvt. land for Railway siding and payment has been made towards established charges. Approach road to the village site has been developed. Balance work of RR project will be completed by June, 2010.

Railway Siding:- Govt. leasable land and communal land approved by the collector. Allotment of Gochar and Patharbani land is being processed in one village. Pvt land notification under section 4(1) is issued which will expire on  Oct.2, 2010. Survey work for section 6(1) is completed.

Remark:- Forest clearance is the main hurdle now. Company pursuing forest clearance vigorously with the State Government. The company is found to be pushing hard to make progress in all comer which is reflected from the amount it has invested but due to absence of clear cut land records delay occurred in obtaining forest clearance. Expected coal production as per CCO estimate is 3rd quarter of 2010.

EUP:- Financial Closure:- UCL project cost is 236.20 Crores which is to be funded by way of equity of Rs. 82.70 crores and debt of Rs. 153.50 Crores. IMFA has already invested the required equity of Rs. 82.70 Crores from its internal accruals Debt portion of Rs. 153 Crs has been tied up with SBH & IOB and SBM on March 2009 and financial closure completed.

30 MW Power Plant:- Financial closures of 30 MW power plant has been completed. Work is under progress and plant will be commissioned by end of June, 2010

120 MW Power Plant:- Project cost is Rs. 595.18 Crores which is to be funded by way of equity of Rs. 148.8 cores and debt 446.38 crores. IMFA has already invested Rs. 13.28 cores towards equity from its internal accruals and debt has been tied up from PFC (297.5 Crores) and Rs. 120 Crs have been sanctioned by PTC India Finance Ltd. and balance amount Rs. 28.89 Crores have been sanctioned by IDEI Thus financial closure completed.

Expected date of commissioned of 120 MW Power Plant is December. 2011.

Utkal B-ll:- Utkal B-ll coal block, explored, in Orissa was allocated to Monnet Ispat & Energy Ltd. on 16.08.1999 for power generation. A total 114.37 MT of Geological reserve of proved category coal is estimated and YRC is 2.2 MTPA.

Achievement:- GR, MP Environment clearance, Stage-l forest clearance, previous approval done.

Pending:- ML, LA and FC (Stage-ll) are pending for the following reasons:

Stage II forest clearance for 54.59 acres is under process at District forest officials level and is expected to be obtained shortly as reported by the company after which mining tease deed will be signed.

Land Acquisition

Village Forest Land (Acres) Govt. Land (Acres) Pvt, Land (Acres) Total (Acres)
Golagadia 54.590 12.140 135.41 202.140
Rajharan NIL 19.780 53.810 73.590
Kaunsidhip NIL 3.580 16.210 19.570
Total 54.590 35.50 205.430 295.52

Land:- Out of total area of 295.52 acres (Govt. 90.09 acres, Pvt. 205.43), 150.80 acres is yet to be handed over (June '09). 144.72 acres of land has been handed over in last 8 years. This block requires the resettlement of 371 house hold which are yet to agreed for selected R R Site. Approx.1000 families are to be displaced in three villages. In Rajharan village disbursement of payment to 194 persons out of 343 persons have been completed. And in Kaunshidipa village disbursement of payment made to only 42 persons out of 65 persons. 70.02 acres of Pvt. land not yet be handed over after lapse of six years. Transfer of 26.19 acres of Govt. land is pending recently R R Site is approved by RPDAC (as on 01.09.2009) which will be handed over to Monnet Ispat Ltd. after acceptance of the villagers. Villagers are not a greeting to accept the location for R & R site. 140 acres of land is required for R & R Project. Now villagers are not agreeing to accept the location for their resettlement. to start mining activities, the issues relating to resettlement of displaced villagers are required to be solved.

ML:- Execution of Mining lease deed is expected only after grant of Stage-II forest clearance.

Remark:- Obtaining the possession of land is the major constraints as the villagers yet to accept the compensation. However, this impass is expected to be over seen. CCO finds it feasible to start mining operation only in 4th quarter of 2010.

EUP:- The block is allocated for 1.2 MTPA SIP and 40 MW CPP at Mongalpur, Dhenkanal Orissa which is targeted for production by Dec.2010. Financial closure completed. Till date Rs. 48 crores has been invested. 50% land is under physical possession. Civil works has already been started.

Badam:- Badam coal block, explored one, was allotted to TVNL on 03.11.2003 for power generation. The geological reserve is 144.63 Mill Tonnes and Yearly rated capacity is 3 MTPA.

Achievement:- GR purchased (Jan. 2004), revised MP approved (Aug.24,2006). Conditional Mining lease obtained (Nov., 2008).

Pending:- FC and LA with the following reasons:

Forest Clearance:- Stage-I forest clearance obtained in June, 2010. Stage-ll forest clearance is pending.

Land:- Total land required 491 ha. Lease area 221 ha out of which 133.53 ha is forest.

LA Application submitted to DC Hazaribag on 17.11.05. For rayatee land of 126.82 ha. issuance of notice u/s Sec. 4 & 6 is pending with DC Hazaribag for approval Compensation amount for rayatee land has been assessed by DC Hazaribag and sent to Tenughat Emta Coal Mines Ltd. Approval for transfer of Govt. land is also pending with DC Hazaribag.

Remark:- The present problems faced in the block Inspite being allotted to state Govt. PSU were unexpected. The Company was assured production of coal by December, 2009 but failed. Intervention of MOC may expedite state Govt. clearance early Company is not serious to develop the block and is required to expedite the Process of clearance like forest early in order to makeover the commitment slippage for starting of production from Badam block.

EUP:- 1500 MW expansion project of Lalpania Power Project, Bokaro to be commissioned in a phased manner. The target date of commissioning of EUP is March.2012.

Tokisud North :- Tokisud North coal block in Jharkhand was allocated to GVK Power Ltd. on 07.01.2002 for the purpose of power generation. The block was explored. The net proved geological reserve is 92.92 MT and YRC is 2 MTPA.

Achievement:- Purchase of GR from CMPDIL, approval of MP, EMP, Previous Approval and ML have been completed.

Pending:- FC and LA are pending.

FC application for 314 ha forest land was made in 2005. Stage-I forest clearance obtained on Apr.21.2010. Stage-ll forest clearance is pending.

Land:- Application for land acquisition was made in 2005. Total lease area is 582.02 ha out of which 314 ha is forest land. As there is delay in processing by the State Govt., company has acquired around 469 acres of land so far Govt. of Jharkhand advised GVK to procure 50% of the land from Raiyats through direct negotiation and balance 50% will be acquired by Govt. of Jharkhand. Land acquisition affected due to assembly election process in Jharkhand. 314 acres of private land and 236 acres of encroached forest land has been acquired through direct negotiation from the land owners and about 222.73 acres land in Hazaribagh and 17.03 acres land in Ramgarh are require to be acquired. Company will shortly approach the state Govt. for acquisition of balance raiyati land.

Remark:- The company assured coal production soon after getting forest clearance from State Forest Deptt. and start of EUP in August, 2012 (Unit-I) and Nov.2012 (Unit-II). The delay in this block was mainly due to the change of location of EUP from Jharkhand to Punjab at the initial phase, however the progress is found to be somewhat satisfactory during last one year. Commencement of coal product is seriously delayed due to non finalization of Forest clearance. Even if the company is able to start coal production it cannot utilize the same as the EUP is expected to come up later date.

EUP:- 2 X 270 MW Power Plant at Govindwal Sahib village of Punjab. An amount of 479.21 crores has been invested so far. PPA has been signed with PSEB on 26.5.09. Punjab State Electricity Regulatory Commission has approved the project cost. Financial closure will be achieved by January,2010. Unit-l is expected by August, 2012 and unit-ll by Nov. 2012. Coal transportation agreement to the power plant signed with Indian Railway on Dec.11,2008.

Utkal B-l :- Utkal B-l coal block, explored one, in Orissa was allocated to JSPL on Sep.29.2003 for sponge iron production. The net geological reserve is 228.14 MT and YRC is 5.5 MTPA.

Achievement:- GR, MP, Previous approval done.

Pending:- ML, LA and FC are pending with the following detail:

Forest Clearance:- Stage-I FC obtained. Stage -II clearance is expected by 30.6.10. Compliance of stage-l condition from CF to PCCF Orissa has already been seat en Sep.20,2009 and stage-ll clearance is expected by June, 2010. The gram sabha for 7 villages was conducted and the resolution was forwarded by BDO Collector, Angul for holding SDLC meeting. The SDLC meeting held on Apr.16.2010 and certification is awaited.

ML:- Lease Deed will be signed after grant of forest clearance.

Land acquisition

Village Forest Land (Acres) Govt. Land (Acres) Pvt, Land (Acres) Total (Acres)
Golagadia 47.85 48.02 154.27 250.14
Rajharan 5.18 63.92 103.176 172.276
Kaunsidhip 6.89 35.39 200.325 242.605 
Chhotaberni NIL 2.16 NIL 2.16





  1. Out of 457.771 acres of private land 154.27 acres in village Golagadih has been handed over to the company. Lease deed for 196.955 acres of Private land in Kaunsidhip village is expected to be handed over by IDCO to JSP by June 2010. 107 acres is expected by July, 2010.

  2. Out of 149 acres of Govt. land, 44 acres has been handed over to JSPL and the balance 105 acres will be handed over after rehabilitation of villagers at village Jamunali which is under active consideration of RPDAC committee under Orissa R & R policy 2006 and JSPL is acquiring part habitation area of village Rajharan, Kaunsidhipa & Golagadia having 600 families will be rehabilitated. Balance Govt. land is expected by July 2010. Relocation is expected by August 2010. Land acquisition Is under process for construction of road and conveyer route for transportation of coal from coal mine to coal washery and steel plant.

Remarks:- RR issue is the major concern. Large no. of families (600) to be rehabilitated. However this is expected to overcome shortly. Company assured to start OB removal after completion of R & R issue. CCO feels that more realistic target would be 3rd quarter of 2010 due to delay in settling RR programme and Stage-ll forest clearance.

EUP:- Production from EUPs at Dist. Angul, Orissa, 6x135 MW CPP to be commissioned in a phased manner. 1st Unit (1.5 MTPA SIP) by September 2010 then on every two months one additional unit will come up. 405 MW Captive power plant is expected to come up in 2010-11 period. Construction of 6 MTPA capacity Steel plant .is going on. Financial Closure completed. Company is expected to synchronise the production of EUP with the coal from Captive coal block.

Marki Manali-I :- The coal block in Maharashtra was allocated to B.S. Ispat Pvt. Ltd. on Apr.25.2001 for production of Sponge Iron. The block was explored. The net geological reserve in the whole block works out to 24.26 MT and YRC is 0.33 MTPA.

Achievement: -GR purchased, EC obtained and Mining lease execution completed on 16.10.09 with Govt. of Maharastra. No forest land is involved in the block area Prior approval obtained from MOC.

Pending:- Land Acquisition is pending with following delay:

Land:- 65 acres of land purchased by direct negotiation to start mining. The land is now sufficient to start mining for initial years.

Remarks:- Company has submitted application for mine opening  in Nov.2009. There is persistent resistance from the local farmer for acquisition of fertile land as well as cases filed at High Court against the project which however have been disposed off. CCO feels that by end of 3rd Quarter of 2010.mining activities may be possible.

EUP:- 0.75 LTPA SIP to be commissioned in May/June, 2010. Land acquired. Work related to site leveling and approach road are complete. Major order for plant and machinery have been placed. Financial closure completed.

Paturia & Gidmuri:- Explored coal blocks in Chhattisgarh were allotted to CSEB onSep.23,2004 for power generation. The GR and PRC are 280+68.89 Mill tones and 5.6 MTPA respectively.

Achievement:- GR procured from CMPDIL(6.5.05) and mining plan approved.

Pending:- EMP, Previous Approval, ML, FC and LA are pending with following detail

EMP:- Final EMP report submitted on 28.8.09 to MOEF. The presentation before EAC, MOEF made on 24.11.09 for obtaining final clearance. MOEF issued letter dated 2.12.09 for submission of approval of diversion of nallah plan and report of vetting of wild life conservation plan from State Govt. Diversion of nalla plan approved by Engineer in Chief, Raipur on 15.3.10. Application to CSECB submitted for comments as the block is located in polluted area. Application for Wild Life Conservation Plan forwarded to CF, Bilaspur on 7.1.10. and further forwarded to DFO, Katghora, 25.1.10 for comments.

FC:- Proposal for Stage I clearance in respect of FC has already been put up before Forest Advisory Committee, MOEF on 20.8.09 for 2076.532 Ha forest land. The proposal put up on Go or Not Go basis by FAC due to block falls under dense forest The application for reconsideration of proposal for forest diversion submitted to Secy. (Forest) on Feb.5,2010.

ML:- Application for Grant of ML has been forwarded to MOC on Jan.23,2909. Prior approval is not yet received.

Land:- Application for 247.193 ha private land submitted to collector, Korba on Jul 4.2008. Notification completed u/s 4 & 6. The compensation for Rs.5.552 Crores deposited to SDM, Katghora on Aug.29,2009 for acquisition of land of Paturia, Gidhmuri and Madanpuri villages. 89.024 Ha land in Kruti village awarded by Collector. Korba for R & R. colony. The upper Collector, Korba has been requested on Sep.22,2009 to instruct Revenue officials for demarcation and providing possession of land of 22.871 Ha. Ground water clearance received.

EUP:- 2X660 MW Pit Head Thermal Power Plant at Bhaiyathan, Dist. Surguja, Chhattisgarh is expected to be commissioned in December, 2012 (Unit-I) and Aug. 2013 (unit-ll). Financial Closure will be done by project company India Bulls CSEB Bhaiyatan power Ltd, New Delhi in August, 2009. PPA signed on Oct.13.2010. Land acquisition and EMP process is going on full swing. There is a major problem on fuel supply to power plants from the coal block.

Remarks:- The company assured production in September, 2010. Some improvements have been noticed in last few months, expected to fulfill commitment production by 2010. Main issue for commencing of coal production is to get Forest clearance in Hasdeo Arand coal field area by MOEF. However synchronization problem, apprehended as EUP are coming up not before Dec, 2012.

Moitra:- Moitra coal block in Jharkhand was allocated to Jayaswal Necco Ltd. on 13.05.2005 for the purpose of Sponge Iron production. The block was explored. The-total geological reserve estimated in this block by CMPDIL is 215.78 MT (38.16 MT by OC and 177.62 MT by UG method) and YRC is 1 MTPA.

Done:- GR purchase, submission of BG (12.5 crores), MP approval and EMP clearance, prior approval are completed (Jul.27,2009).

Yet to be done:- FC, ML and land acquisition are pending with following details:

FC:- Stage-I forest clearance is awaited.

ML:- Director of Mines, Govt. of Jharkhand informed that Mining Lease will be granted after obtaining forest clearance. State foresty clearance for Moitra coal, block will take some time, the Director was requested to release lease agreement after undertaking that no mining work in lease hold area shall be conducted unless forest clearance under FCA, 1980 is obtained.

Land:- Till date no compensation has reportedly been disbursed as the final approval by competent authority yet not given. No visible progress in land acquisition since one year through recommended by Secretary (Land & Revenue). No progress has been achieved due to model code of conduct due to Election in the State of Jharkhand. The matter is pending with Land and Revenue Deptt, Govt. of JH for approval. the state has been inspected by Addl. Collector on Mar.3,2010 and report is likely to reach to Govt. of Jharkhand, Ministry of Revenue & Land Reforms very shortly.

EUP:- The plant is in operation since 1996 with existing capacity 0.60 MTPA pig iron and 0.20 MTPA sponge iron plant. 135 MW Power Plant will be commissioned by 2010-11. Since it is a steel producing plant, requirement of coking coal/coke is met with imports.

Remarks:- At present, processing of final approval of land acquisition and forest clearance are the major problems which are lying with the State govt Govt. or Jharkhand needs to expedite the process of grant of Forest clearance and Mining lease in favour of Moitra coal block to start the mine within assured time schedule.

Brinda, Sasai & Meral:- Brinda, Sasai & Meral coal blocks, ail exploded, in Jharkhand was allocated to Abhijeet Infrastruture Ltd. on May.26,2005 for SIP. The Geo-logical reserve is 78.12 MT and PRC from all the three blocks combined are1.12 MTPA.

Done:- Purchase of GR, submission of BG (15.2 crores), MP approval and EMP clearance are achieved.

Yet to be done:- Brinda, Sasai: Forest Clearance, Mining lease execution and Land Acquisition are yet to be completed with the following reasons for delay:-

Forest Clearance:- Initially applied for forest clearance to DFO Hazaribagh on 10.4.2006 and another fresh application submitted on 7.6.08 to DFO Chatra due to division of Hazaribagh Zone. DFO Chatra forwarded the application to CF, Hazaribagh on July13.2009. 132 acres land procured for compensatory aforestation and obtained NOC from DFO Chatra and also cleared by Conservator of forest. Regional Chief Conservator of Forest, Hazaribagh has forwarded the proposal to PCCF (Nodal), Ranchi. PCCF (Nodal) forwarded the proposal to PCCF, Ranchi, Govt. of Jharkhand on Dec,12.2009. The proposal forwarded to Secretary (Forest) on Jan.1,2010 and at Present it is under his observation.

Mining Lease:- Applied in 2006 to DMO, Hazaribagh which was subsequently forwarded to the Dir. of Mines, Govt. of Jharkhand on May,12.2008. Since then the matter is lying with Govt. of Jharkhand and yet the matter is not sent to MOC for grant of prior approval. The Chief Secy, of Jharkhand advised in the last Coal block review meeting held at New Delhi on Jun.22,09 to take up the matter with Secretary of Mines, Deptt. of Mines & Geology at Ranchi and the representative of the company met him on 1st July 2009 but the matter still remained pending at state level for which the company Pursuing continuously, last correspondence made on Sep,19.2009 to the Secy, Dept of Mines and Geology. Company representative met with Chief Secretary, Govt. of JH on Jan,4.2010 and requested him to forward the ML application to MOC for 5(1) approval.

Company representatives informed that due to electoral code of conduct, all activities are pending with state govt.

Land:- Overall 332 acres of land is in custody of the company for commencement of production. 211 acres is private land . Company has already made agreement for 164 acres of Pvt land.

Meral:- MP approval and Env. clearance are obtained. No forest land is involved.

Mining Lease:- Applied in October, 2007 to DMO, Palamou who sought some clarification for brief status of land and other relevant details from the circle office of Patan and Daltongunj blocks. It is still pending at Patan block though Daltongunj block sent the report to DMO, Palamou. This caused the delay in forwarding the matter to MOC for grant of previous approval. DC Palamu needs to expedite the process of ML application to forward to MOC for obtaining previous approval of the Central Govt. Company explained the major problem to DC Palamu during the meeting with him on Oct.13.2009 & Dec,15.2009.

Land:- Applied to Govt. of Jharkhand, pending at DLAO, Palamou for want of verification of land records at Patan block.

Remark:- Company assured to start production by last quarter of 2010 subject to execution of ML. Delay in state Govt. for processing mining lease and verification of land for land acquisition are the major concern. Due to division of district the difficulties faced in collecting and reconciling land details. NOC for Consent to Establish from JSPCB for Meral Block obtained onSep.9,2009. MOEF clearance for. Meral block obtained on Sep.27,2009. State Govt. needs to expedite the ML application to Central Govt. for grant of Previous approval of ML immediately. Company again assured to start work of OB removal and coal production within 3 months of the ML execution by the State Govt.

State Govt. of Jharkhand is yet to send the case to MOC for previous approval.

EUP:- 0.7 MTPA SIP is expected to be commissioned in 2010-11 in co-ordination with start of coal production from the captive coal mines. Land required for the project is 139.33 acres, out of which 26.95 is Govt. land and remaining is private land. 90 acres out of 112.38 acres of private land has already been acquired. Environment clearance for the project has been obtained. SBI has examined the project and agreed to finance within 3 months.

Marki Mangli ll-IV:- These explored coal block was awarded Shree Virangana Steel Ltd. on Sep.6,2005 for SIP. The geo-logical reserves 22.5 MT and YRC is 0.71 MTPA.

Achievement:- GR has been purchased. BG has been submitted. Mine Plan has been approved on Feb.5,2008.

Pending:- Environment Clearance, Forest Clearance, Land acquisition and ML are pending with the following details:

Environment Clearance:- MOEF asked some clarifications for consideration of environment clearance which has been replied on Sep.9,2009.EAC at MOEF In their meeting held on Oct.28/29,2009 has asked some alteration in the approved mine plan EAC meeting held on Jan.28.2010. Minutes of EAC meeting is awaited.

Forest Clearance:- Proposal for forest clearance (only for Marki Mangli - II, other block does not have forest)-is under consideration of Deputy Conservator of Forest,, Pandarkawda. 163 acres of land has been purchased till August, 2009 for compensatory afforestation. The certificate map of applied forest land received from TILR and the forest department is on the job to demarkate the proposed area on ground. The demarcation of forest land has been completed and counting of trees has been completed.

Land acquisition:- has been started through private negotiation and 94.539 acres of land has been purchased. Negotiation for acquisition of balance 59.254 Acres land is going on 227.48 Acres non forest land for Compensatory a forestation has been purchased.

ML:- Govt. of Maharashtra has forwarded the ML application to MOC on May.9.2008. Ministry of Coal vide their letter dated Dec12.2009 accorded previous approval of mining lease for MM-IV (261.2 Hec), MM-III (161 Hec) & MM-II(275 Hec) area.

EUP:- SIP having capacity of 0.70 LTPA is commissioned and 2nd phase SIP of 1.75 LTPA will be commissioned shortly. CPP of 30 MW trial run started in May, 2010 Financial closure are done. Land acquisition completed for EUP.

Remark:- Company requires early coal production for synchronization with existing sponge iron production/Already purchased substantial land under lease area. MOC may issue of previous approval early. The company is expecting production by April 2010.

Gondulpara block, explored one, was allotted to TVNL and DVC jointly on Jan 13.2006 for power generation (utilities). The geological reserve is 140 Mill Tonnes and Yearly rated capacity is 2 MTPA.

Achievement:- GR purchased in June, 06. BG submitted. MP approved on June 24.2009.

Pending:- Environment clearance, forest clearance, ML and land acquisition are pending. TOR for EMP cleared by expert committee of MOEF on Jan.28.10. One of the major reason of delay is the formation of JV and its approval from state govt. and MOC. Assured to start coal production by 2011-12.

EUP:- 1500 MW expansion project of Lalpania Power Project, Bokaro to be commissioned in a phased manner. The target date of commissioning of EUP is March.2012.

Remarks:- Company is not serious to develop the block and is required to expedite the process of all clearances like forest, environment in order to maintain commitment for starting of production from Gondulpara block.

Comments:- A close monitoring mechanism between the Concerned State Govt. authority and Central Govt need to be explored in order to expedite the settlement of all pending clearances in respect to coal blocks dued with State Authority.